While it seems these days that more and more networks are deferring to the easy accessibility of a three-camera sitcom, we're happy to see that FOX is largely keeping the single-camera alive.  Sure, that attitude would have been great a few years ago, so we didn't have to spent 7 years waiting for new 'Arrested Development,' but we digress.  So to make up for it, how would you like to see 'The Mindy Project' or 'Ben and Kate' early?

In advance of their respective premieres, Hulu has offered up our first look at the pilot episodes for both Mindy Kaling's post-'The Office' vehicle 'The Mindy Project,' as well as upcoming Dakota Johnson comedy 'Ben and Kate.'  Both will premiere on Tuesday, September 25 as part of FOX's new Tuesday lineup.

'The Mindy Project' follows ‘Bridget Jones’-esque OB/GYN Mindy (formerly Mira) as she navigates her personal and professional lives, while Kaling’s ‘Office’ co-stars Ed Helms will play the pilot role of a prospective love interest for her character, joining 'Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader as her ex-boyfriend Tom

'Ben and Kate' on the other hand stars Dakota Johnson (originally 'SNL's Abby Elliott) as a single mother whose brother (Nat Faxon) comes to live with her and help raise his niece, freeing his sister up to live her life a bit more.

You can check out the pilot for both series below, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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