Anne Hathaway is up for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in 'Les Miserables,' and she's really been giving it her all over the last few years. In today's Way Back When, we take a look at a few of her earlier roles.

Better Homes and Gardens Commercial

Anne Hathaway's first role was in this 1997 commercial for Better Homes and Gardens, in which her boyfriend tells her his family is moving, but it's okay because they still have to sell the house, and that takes time -- Hathaway feels better for about two seconds, until a Better Homes and Gardens "for sale" sign goes up in her boyfriend's yard. Apparently those people can sell a house like no one's business.

'The Princess Diaries'

Gary Marshall directed this comedy for Disney, starring Hathaway in her first feature role as Mia Thermopolis, a shy, geeky, 15-year-old girl who discovers that she is the heir apparent to the throne of a small country called Genovia. Hathaway was actually 19 when she played the 15-year-old Mia in 2001. Check out Mia's makeover at the hands of the great Larry Miller below:

'The Other Side of Heaven'

Did you know that Disney made a movie about a Mormon missionary? You do now. Released the same year as 'The Princess Diaries,' this movie stars Hathaway as the girlfriend of John Groberg, a young man who travels to the remote Tongan islands to be a missionary to the local natives in the 1950s. Oh, white people.

'Nicholas Nickleby'

In 2002, Hathaway starred in this adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens novel of the same name. Charlie Hunnam ('Sons of Anarchy') plays the titular character, who tries to valiantly rescue himself and his siblings from being exploited by his greedy uncle (Christopher Plummer). Hathaway plays Hunnam's love interest, Madeline Bray.

'Get Real' 

Hathaway starred in this short-lived, hour-long series about the suburban Green family -- Hathaway and Eric Christian Olsen played older siblings to a young Jesse Eisenberg, who was the main focus of the show. The pilot episode (in full, below) also features appearances from David Koechner and a young January Jones.

'Ella Enchanted'

In 2004, Hathaway starred as the titular heroine in this comedic fairytale about a young woman whose evil stepmother and stepsisters had a fairy (Vivica A. Fox) cast a curse on her so that she'll always do as she's told. One day she escapes and, with the help of an elf who wants to be a lawyer and a cute prince (Hugh Dancy), she sets out to find the one that cursed her so she can break the spell.


After playing a string of wholesome roles, Hathaway decided to break the mold and, just before being cast in 'Brokeback Mountain,' starred in this drama with Bijou Phillips about spoiled, rich, bored little white girls who decide to let loose on the streets of LA, with Hathaway getting involved with a Latino gangster played by Freddy Rodriguez. The film also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hathaway broke free from the Disney mold in this one, all right, getting nude and performing in her first sex scenes, but this trailer is totally SFW.

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