We love Christina Hendricks as the fiercely intelligent and beautiful Joan Holloway on 'Mad Men,' but in today's Way Back When, we take a look at her roles before she was a breakout star.

James Bond Visa Commercial

Before she landed her first real role, Hendricks starred in this Visa commercial with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond:


Christina Hendricks' first role was on this pilot for an MTV series that never made it to air, called 'Sorority.' The show followed two rival sorority houses -- one preppy, one edgy -- as they try to get new pledges. Hendricks starred alongside Sarah Lancaster of 'Chuck' fame and fellow 'Mad Men' star January Jones, who was also making her TV debut. Unfortunately, the pilot never saw the light of day, but lives on thanks to YouTube. Check out Hendricks' very small part below:


Hendricks stuck around MTV on the series 'Undressed,' where she played the part of Rhiannon in four episodes back in 1999. The late-night series lasted for six seasons (quite a feat for MTV until 'Jersey Shore' happened) and followed the relationships and sex lives of high school students, college co-eds and post-college roomies. In the clip below, Hendricks introduces her boyfriend, a wannabe rapper:

'Beggars and Choosers' (NSFW language)

From 2000 to 2001, Hendricks starred in 19 episodes of the TV series 'Beggars and Choosers,' which offered a look inside a major television network and its staff's trials and tribulations while trying to raise the ratings. The clip below is pretty steamy -- fair warning:


A man and his girlfriend are career criminals who make a deal with the FBI in the short-lived series 'Thieves.' In the episode titled "Casino," Christina Hendricks plays a woman named Sunday and has the honor of being hit on by Uncle Jesse (or John Stamos, whatever):


Hendricks appeared on four episodes of the long-running medical drama series 'ER' as Joyce Westlake, new neighbor to Abby Lockhart and a lady who had some unfortunate troubles with her boyfriend. If you were wondering -- yes, Christina Hendricks has always been adorable. Click on the image to watch the video:

Christina Hendricks ER

'Miss Match'

In 2003, Hendricks popped up in an episode of the TV series 'Miss Match,' starring Alicia Silverstone as a matchmaker. Hendricks plays Sarah, a woman trying to get out of the adult entertainment business, who doesn't connect very well with her first blind date, so she uses her cleavage to woo the guy, obviously:

'Hunger Point'

This 2003 Lifetime made-for-TV movie tells the story of a teenager with an eating disorder who just wants to be perfect (this was before 'Black Swan'). Hendricks plays the girl's older and very concerned sister:

Clean and Clear Commercial

Not long before Christina Hendricks landed her gig on 'Mad Men,' she starred in this commercial for Clean and Clear oil-absorbing sheets -- they're like thin pieces of paper you blot on your face to get up all the excess oil and dirt, and it's one of the most amazing and disgusting inventions ever. Somehow Hendricks makes blotting oil off of her face look cute:


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