You know her best as Tami Taylor on 'Friday Night Lights' and she stars in the hit ABC series 'Nashville,' but in today's Way Back When, we take a look at Connie Britton before she was famous.

'The Brothers McMullen'

Connie Britton's first role was in the 1995 indie flick 'The Brothers McMullen' about three Irish-Catholic brothers navigating life, work and love in Long Island. The film won best picture at the Sundance film festival that year -- not too shabby for Britton's first role.

'No Looking Back'

Britton reunited with her 'Brothers McMullen' co-star/writer/director Edward Burns in 1998 for 'No Looking Back,' the story of a woman stuck in a small town with dreams of escaping, when her ex comes back to town and ignites an old, restless spark. Britton plays the woman's sister, a single mother struggling to take care of her child and her own troubled mother. And Jon Bon Jovi is in this, so there's that.

'Spin City'

On the long-running sitcom hit 'Spin City,' Britton starred alongside Michael J. Fox. Britton plays Nikki, and in the clip below, she's quite the object of Fox's affection -- or distraction. See why:

'The West Wing'

In 2001, Britton starred in four episodes of political drama 'The West Wing' as Connie Tate, a campaign consultant working for Martin Sheen's President Bartlet when he was running for re-election. Watch her in the clip below with Rob Lowe:

'Lost at Home'

Britton starred on the short-lived sitcom 'Lost at Home,' which ran for six episodes in 2003.  The show follows an ad executive who's losing touch with his family -- his wife, played by Britton, demands that he reconnect with them or else she's going to leave. You can check her out in the clip below around the 4:25 mark:

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