Rachel Weisz caught our eye in 'The Mummy' back in 1999, and has been impressing us ever since with roles in films like 'The Fountain' and this year's 'Bourne Legacy,' but in today's Way Back When we take a look at the leading lady's earlier career.

'Good Morning Britain'

A young Weisz was interviewed on 'Good Morning Britain' in 1984. Then a college student, Weisz seemed uncertain of her future as an actress, instead thinking she should focus on completing her studies and attending a university first:

'Advocates II'

In the second part of a three-part British miniseries from 1992, Weisz plays the girlfriend to one of the lead characters in this mystery that follows a judge arrested and accused of murdering his wife. It doesn't look like Weisz has aged a day in the 20 years since. You can watch the entire episode below, or fast forward to the Weisz parts -- your call:

'Inspector Morse'

In this 1993 episode of British TV series 'Inspector Morse' titled "Twilight of the Gods," a renowned singer is murdered at Oxford, and Morse, being one of her biggest fans, finds a link between her murder and the murder of a journalist. You can check out Weisz's parts in the episode in this collection of clips:

'Tropical Heat: Sweating Bullets'

It was the '90s... so this happened. 'Tropical Heat: Sweating Bullets' was a TV show that followed an ex-DEA agent who teams up with a travel agent in Florida to solve crimes, and somehow this lasted three whole seasons before anyone noticed. Weisz pops up in an episode as Joey, a girl whose pants are very ill-fitting:

'Scarlet & Black'

Based on the French novel by Stendhal, this BBC miniseries follows a young and impoverished cad (Ewan McGregor) as he seduces women of a higher social class in order to better his life. Weisz plays one of the fair maidens in this promo:

'Chain Reaction'

Weisz starred with Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman in the 1996 film 'Chain Reaction,' about two researchers who are developing a green energy project and find themselves framed for murder. The trailer: