Has Johnny Depp's star finally fallen? 11 years after emerging as Hollywood's most unlikely movie star, Depp has suffered one of his biggest box office bombs yet with 'Transcendence,' which opened poorly enough for us to wonder if audiences are simply done with him. In fact, this weekend was a startling reminder that the only constants you'll find at the box office tend to be superhero movies and animated movies starring talking animals.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Captain America: The Winter Soldier$24,500,000 (-41)$6,405$199,414,000
2Rio 2$22,500,000 (-43)$5,660$75,363,000
3Heaven is For Real$19,000,000$7,861$26,028,000
5A Haunted House 2$9,800,000
6Divergent$5,700,000 (-23)$2,293$133,864,000
7Draft Day$5,600,000 (-43)$2,014$19,247,000
9Oculus$5,300,000 (-56)$2,002$21,289,000
10Noah$4,150,000 (-45)$1,636$92,423,000


Opening in fourth place with only $12 million, the very expensive 'Transcendence' is already looking like one of the larger box office bombs of the year. With the reviews and the audience response in the toilet, the chances of a miraculous recovery seem impossible at this point. How soon can we expect 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' to get the green light now?

'Transcendence' wasn't the only film that attempted to take advantage of the Easter holiday. 'Heaven is For Real' opened in third place with a strong $19 million, making it the third Christian-themed film of the year to perform extremely well at the box office (the others being 'God's Not Dead' and 'Son of God'). It helps that this was a low budget affair that has probably already paid for itself by now.

In fifth place, 'A Haunted House 2' only did half of the opening weekend business of its predecessor, taking in $9 million. Like the first film, this was made for pennies and everyone should ultimately come out unscathed. However, the chances of this one reaching the $40 million made by part one are unlikely.

The final new release of the weekend, 'Bears,' opened in eighth place with a $5 million gross, which isn't awful when you consider that it's a nature documentary and not a feature. It was never going to be a smash hit and Disney knew this when they made it. This is a decent start and it should find success down the line on DVD.

And that brings us to the holdovers from last week.

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' and 'Rio 2' continued to battle it out in the top two slots, but Marvel triumphed by the skin of its teeth for the second week in a row, taking the number one spot with $24 million. However, that $22 million second weekend for 'Rio 2' is nothing to sneeze at. At this rate, 'Captain America 2' should break $200 million in the next day or two while 'Rio 2' breaks $100 million in a week or two.

In sixth place, 'Divergent' kept up its slow and steady race to blockbuster-dom, reaching $133 million. Right below it in seventh place, 'Draft Day' continued to disappoint, falling just short of $20 million. At the bottom of it all, 'Oculus' took the typical horror movie second week plunge, while 'Noah' struggled to get to $100 million. It'll get there, but it won't be pretty.

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