Hey, there’s a new James Bond movie. And, to the surprise of exactly no one, it did quite well at the box office. Spectre didn’t quite reach the high bar set by Skyfall, but it still had the second biggest opening in the franchise’s 53-year, 24-film history. It didn’t dominate the box office alone, either. Those too young to enjoy a new 007 movie flocked to The Peanuts Movie, which also had a very strong start.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
2The Peanuts Movie$45,000,000$11,547$45,000,000
3The Martian$9,300,000 (-20.6%)$3,257$197,067,000
4Goosebumps$6,965,000 (-29.4%)$2,283$66,440,000
5Bridge of Spies$6,086,000 (-27.5%)
6Hotel Transylvania 2$3,550,000 (-39.4%)$1,561$161,293,000
7Burnt$3,003,000 (-40.0%)$1,000$10,211,000
8The Last Witch Hunter$2,650,000 (-48.7)$1,159$23,571,000
9The Intern$1,810,000 (-24.8%)$1,690$71,407,000
10Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension$1,650,000 (-52.0%)$1,518$16,281,000


With an opening weekend of $73 million, Spectre trailed the $88 million opening of 2012’s Skyfall by more than what early predictions suggested. Still, that’s a tremendous start for the movie, especially since it’s combating mixed reviews instead of its predecessor’s raves. It probably won’t have the legs to reach $300 million (people simply don’t like it as much as Skyfall), but $200-250 million won’t be a problem. After all, the Bond series is still relatively new to the Billion Dollar Club. Just a decade ago, these movies made between $100 million and $150 million and everyone was happy. In any case, the international numbers will guarantee that this is a hit no matter what.

Meanwhile, The Peanuts Movie opened in second place with an impressive $43 million, which is only going to be the tip of the iceberg for this thing. While spectacles like Spectre open huge and steadily take drops until they run out of steam, family movies (especially ones that are going over as well as The Peanuts Movie) tend to show endurance at the box office. This thing will play well through Thanksgiving and into December. It may even hang out through Christmas. $150 million is guaranteed, but ’tis the season for family entertainment. They sky is the limit here.

This was also a strong week for more than a few box office veterans. The Martian continued to clean up in its sixth weekend, grossing $9 million and sliding into third place. With a drop of only 20 percent, the sci-fi adventure is showing the kind of legs that most movies of its size and price tag would kill for. With $197 million in the bank right now, it’ll hit $200 million in a day or two. Expect it to play well through the rest of the month,

Right below it, Goosebumps and Bridge of Spies continued to solidify themselves as sleeper hits, each of them grossing $6 million and change. The former has reached $66 million and the latter $54 million, proving that sometimes, slow and steady wins the race at the box office. Just ask The Intern in slot number nine — it broke $70 million this weekend.

The rest of the box office top 10 this weekend consists of stuff that’s on the way out. Burnt, The Last Witch Hunter, and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension are just one more weekend worth of new releases away from getting kicked out of here. They could all be gone by next weekend.

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