Westworld was stingy enough with promotional material before we learned Season 2 would sit out until 2018, so we’ll take whatever 2017 fix we can get. Strangely enough, it’s Billy Crystal and City Slickers to the rescue, as a new Funny or Die crossover parody brings back a number of familiar faces from the Delos corporation.

Funny or Die shared the new parody (h/t Entertainment Weekly), featuring original City Slickers stars Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern reprising their roles as Mitch and Phil from the 1991 film. The twist? The pair are Hosts, rather than Guests, and full of all the milk-drinking malfunctions as their robotic compatriots.

Even better, the parody got Westworld stars Luke Hemsworth (Stubbs), Ptolemy Slocum (Sylvester) and Angela Sarafyan (Clementine) to reprise their roles as well. If memory serves, the fate of all three was somewhat unclear when Westworld closed out its first season. At least the park seems to be doing better!

In the meantime, watch the full parody above, and stay tuned for all the latest details on Westworld Season 2, as we endure the long narrative until 2018.

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