If you watched HBO tonight for the Game of Thrones finale, you might have seen a trailer for the cool-looking new show starring Aaron Paul. Hey! Aaron Paul’s back with a new show! It’s like a crime show in a weird-looking future! Neat.

It’s only in the very last shots of the trailer, that we realize this isn’t a new show; Aaron Paul is joining the cast of an existing show. Paul’s character goes to help a woman he discovers in a tunnel and it’s ... Dolores. From Westworld. And cue the series logo.

This looks like a very serious departure from the previous two seasons of Westworld, but then it would probably have to be. There wasn’t much left of the Westworld park by the end of Season 2, and the series has never seemed all that interested in really playing its premise, taken from the Michael Crichton film about a theme park filled with robots that run amok, straight. It’s always seemed more fascinated by the larger ideas around artificial intelligence and the thin line between humanity and truly advanced computers. The Westworld park basically does not appear at all in this trailer. The show is apparently not about the world that gave birth to that weird, horrible, awesome place.

The trailer did not reveal a specific date for Westworld’s return, or even a month. Just a year: 2020. So stay tuned for Aaron Paul’s Westworld ... eventually.

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