Director Craig Gillespie will make his triumphant return to the world of quirky, heart-felt comedy with Will Ferrell in 'Flamingo Thief' for Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films.

Gillespie's last film was 2011's underrated remake of 'Fright Night,' starring Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin, but before that he directed 2007's heartwarming tale of a man in love with a sex doll, 'Lars and the Real Girl.'

According to Variety's Showblitz blog, Gillespie has just signed on to direct the latest film from Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films banner, 'Flamingo Thief.' The film centers on a man who develops a compulsive habit of stealing plastic flamingos from lawns to cope after his wife leaves him.

Will Ferrell will play the flamingo thief in question; no other casting has been announced at this time. Ferrell does well with downplayed characters, as evidenced by his roles in 'Stranger Than Fiction' and 'Everything Must Go.' While we love watching Ferrell yuck it up in his more absurd comedies, the man has some serious dramatic talent to throw around when given the chance.

'Flamingo Thief' sounds similar in tone to 'Lars and the Real Girl,' bringing Gillespie back to a more intimate wheelhouse. Gillespie also worked on Showtime's now-defunct series 'United States of Tara,' starring Toni Collette.