Biblical stories seem to be the it thing right now. With Darren Aronofsky working on 'Noah' and Paul Verhoeven gearing up for 'Jesus of Nazareth,' the Bible is certainly being tapped for its wealth of stories. The latest? Will Smith is eyeing the story of Cain and Abel for his first directing gig.

Deadline reports that actor Will Smith will possibly direct the project, under the current title 'The Redemption of Cain,' for Sony and Overbrook Entertainment. It would mark the blockbuster actor's first foray into directing. It won't be the next film on his schedule, but it's definitely something the actor is very interested in.

The story in the Bible was that of Cain and his gentle shepherd brother Abel, sons of Adam and Eve. When Abel's offering of a firstborn flock of lambs was warmly received by God, Cain's offering of produce didn't get the same reaction. Well, of course not. You just gave God some corn and your brother gave him an adorable baby lamb. So Cain gets jealous and kills Abel, committing a murderous sin, and God sends him off to wander the desert because there's nothing better to do.

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