Will Smith may be a supporter of gay marriage, but that doesn't mean he wants to lock lips with random dudes -- something one reporter from the Ukraine learned the hard way when the star backhanded him on a red carpet.

Will Smith tends to be a little robotic and rehearsed when he's out promoting one of his big movies. But Big Willie lost his cool a little bit during the Moscow premiere for 'Men in Black III' when a local television reporter who kisses celebrities on the lips tried to add Smith to the list. But Smith was having none of it, shoving the reporter and delivering a Fresh Prince backhand across the face.

The normally good-natured actor moved down the red carpet and apologized to onlookers. He laughed it off and said in a rare moment of candor, "He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him."

Then he realized he was on camera, turned to his publicist and admitted he probably shouldn't have said that. But for just one brief second, we really liked Will Smith, the person, and not Will Smith the actor with an agenda. Go ahead Will, get jiggy with that dude's face.

Watch the whole altercation play out here: