‘The Woman In Black’ was a modest hit for CBS Films and Hammer Studios, earning $112.6 million from Daniel Radcliffe fans curious to see how the actor would fare in the post-‘Harry Potter’ age. They’re not ‘Hunger Games’ numbers, but they’re strong enough to justify a sequel, which apparently is going into production soon.

Empire Online reports that screenwriter Jon Crocker has penned ‘The Woman In Black: Angels of Death,’ which Hammer CEO Simon Oakes promises will be “every bit as atmospheric and terrifying as its predecessor.” The action will stay focused on the haunted Eel Marsh House, which Radcliffe’s character investigated in February’s hit, but will shift forward by 40 years.

This probably means that Radclife will not return for the sequel (though there are other reasons why Radcliffe likely wouldn’t be back for the sequel, which we’ll avoid spoiling here.)

Sequels of horror properties are nothing new, though ‘Woman In Black’ didn’t strike me as the launch pad for a potential franchise. Will audiences continue to support it without Radcliffe in the lead? Maybe enough people who came by to check it out will be intrigued by the back story of the ghost that haunts the Marsh House, and will want to see what happens next in the story.

Now Hammer will have to find a new director and a new lead. But for now, the ball is rolling on a ‘Black’ sequel. Are you interested? And whom might you like to see in ‘Angels of Death’ when it finally reaches theaters?