If you grew up watching 'The Wonder Years' (or at least caught the reruns on ABC Family or The Hub), you grew up impressed that someone like Kevin Arnold was able to get so many pretty girls. Though Winnie Cooper would always remain in his heart, he found enough time for romance elsewhere.

'Wonder Years' fans always had their favorite. Were you on Team Winnie? Or did you always wonder why he didn't ditch her and date Madeline Adams instead? We took a look back at the many girls and women in Kevin Arnold's life to see what they were like then and what they look like now.


Then: Kevin Arnold's longtime on-again/off-again girlfriend. Winnie was wholesome, perhaps bordering on prissy at times. Despite being Kevin's first love (and vice versa), they separated after high school and never reunited.

Now: McKellar graduated summa cum laude from UCLA and has written four books on mathematics for kids. She has made guest appearances on 'The Big Bang Theory' and 'How I Met Your Mother' and does voiceover work for 'Scooby Doo' and 'G.I. Joe' cartoons.

Becky Slater / Crystal McKellar


Then: Once a sweet (if not overbearing) girl, Kevin dated Becky solely to make Winnie jealous and when Becky found out, she turned bitter and vindictive (once punching him in the stomach).

Now: Crystal is Danica McKellar's real-life sister. She graduated from Harvard Law School and is currently a Senior Associate at Morrison & Foerster in San Diego.

Denise "The Grease" LaVelle / Amy Hathaway


Then: Denise "The Grease" was dating Frank "The Stank" and they were the class couple. But their love was on the rocks when Kevin started tutoring Denise in poetry. Frank believes this is Kevin's fault.

Now: Hathaway continues to act and had a recurring role on TNT's 'The Closer' before the series ended this summer.

Jennifer Hasenfuss / Whitney Kershaw


Then: A beautiful dental assistant who makes Kevin uncomfortable when he goes to get a cavity filled. He asks his dentist that she not work during his appointments because he's so embarrassed.

Now: Kershaw has retired from acting and now focuses on a writing career, penning a parental advice column.

Cara / Lisa Paige Robinson


Then: Kevin goes on a summer vacation with his family and the Pfeiffers but winds up ditching them when he meets Cara, a rebellious local. They fall in love but after the week is over, Kevin fails to keep in touch. In a subsequent episode, Kevin impulsively returns to find her, but she's upset he never wrote and tells Kevin she has a boyfriend and he should go back home.

Now: Lisa Paige Robinson (formerly Lisa Gerber) is still acting (she starred in 'The Invention of Lying' opposite Ricky Gervais) and tours as a stand-up comedienne.

Madeline Adams / Julie Condra


Then: Madeline was the new girl in high school and fell madly in love with Kevin who was trying to stay faithful to Winnie (who was attending a different school).

Now: Condra retired from acting and is now married to actor Mark Dacascos ('Iron Chef: America,' 'Dancing With the Stars').

Cindy / Heather McComb


Then: Kevin has a date with Cindy but he bails to go cruising with his friends when one of them gets their driver's license. They inadvertently run into Cindy at the drive-in and she finds out Kevin lied to her.

Now: McComb has made guest appearances on 'House' and 'CSI' and was married to 'Dawson's Creek' actor James Van Der Beek for six years.

Sandy Tyler / Carla Gugino


Then: Sandy is dating Kevin's brother Wayne, who's something of a doofus. Kevin thinks he isn't treating her well and starts a relationship with her on the side. Feeling guilty, Kevin breaks things off with her, only to have her break up with Wayne to try and get back with Kevin.

Now: Well, it's Carla Gugino. She's been in a ton of movies (including 'Watchmen' and 'Sin City') and TV series ('Entourage' and 'Spin City'). She can be seen next in the thriller 'By Virtue Fall.'

Jessica Thomas / Alicia Silverstone


Then: Kevin's anxiety about his pending driver's test is compounded when he asks out Jessica Thomas and she tells him to pick her up outside the school.

Now: Silverstone went on to star in Aerosmith music videos, 'Clueless' and 'Batman and Robin.' She can currently be seen feeding her baby like a bird.

Cindy Fleming / Heather Allen Spiegel


Then: After feeling spurned by Winnie (who is seen at a study date with another guy after high school), Kevin starts flirting with Cindy Fleming. Kevin gives her a stuffed bear meant for Winnie only to realize Cindy's in 7th grade.

Now: Spiegel continues to act in bit parts (she's in the 'Spider-Man 3' disco scene) and after getting her major in Creative Writing from Dartmouth, continues to work on novels and screenplays.

Julie Aidem / Wendy Cox


Then: Kevin starts dating Julie but quickly feels smothered by her. She wants to go steady and Kevin has to decide between spending all of his free time with her or playing football with his friends.

Now: Wendy Cox-Hagen retired from acting and currently works as a real estate agent in California.

Mimi Detweiler / Soleil Moon Frye


Then: Kevin and his family attend a Labor Day picnic for his father's company, NORCOM. It's boring for Kevin, until he meets Mimi. They hit it off until he later learns her father beat out Jack Arnold for a promotion at his job.

Now: After work guest starring on shows like 'Friends' and 'Saved By the Bell,' the former 'Punky Brewster' star has found consistent work as a voiceover actress for cartoons like 'The Proud Family' and 'Bratz.'

Linda Sloan / Maia Brewton


Then: Kevin is lab partners with Linda, who suggests since they're both single, they should go to the school dance as friends. Kevin agrees, even though he has his sights set on another girl in science class, Susan Fisher (see below).

Now: The one-time 'Adventures in Babysitting' actress studied law at Yale University and currently works as an attorney in California, where she lives with her partner and their two adopted children.

Susan Fisher / Kelly Packard


Then: After Kevin accepts Linda Sloan's invitation to the school dance, his crush, Susan Fisher, tells Kevin she wants him to save a dance for her. Kevin spends the dance obsessing over Susan while ignoring Linda. After they dance, Susan reunites with her ex-boyfriend while Linda finds a boy who actually likes her back. Kevin is left dateless and begins searching for Winnie (who arrives just as he's leaving).

Now: Kelly Packard went on to star in both 'Baywatch' and 'California Dreams' before hosting the 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' TV series.

Teri / Holly Sampson


Then: While on summer vacation with his family, Kevin feels alone when Paul gets sick. He meets Teri, an older girl, on the beach and they plan a date at the arcade. They wind up kissing literally under the boardwalk. Kevin wants to meet again but she has to leave the next day to return home to New Mexico.

Now: Perhaps the most infamous of Kevin Arnold's love interests, Holly Sampson went on to become a porn star, appearing in such films as 'Cheating Housewives 6' and 'Big T--- at Work 9.' Sampson also claimed to be carrying on an extramarital affair with golfer Tiger Woods.

Miss White / Wendel Meldrum


Then: Kevin develops a crush on Miss White, his English teacher who persuades him to star in the school play. Kevin is later disappointed to learn that Miss White is getting married and will be known as Mrs. Heimer.

Now: Wendel Meldrum didn't have many acting roles after 'The Wonder Years' but one of the few roles she did have, was very memorable. Meldrum starred in the "Puffy Shirt" episode of 'Seinfeld' as Kramer's low-talking girlfriend who persuaded Jerry to wear her puffy shirt during a 'Today' show interview.

Lisa Berlini / Kathy Wagner


Then: Lisa Berlini is the most popular girl in school and comes up with a list ranking all the boys in class. Kevin wins "best eyes" and later would try to muster up the courage to call her on the phone and ask her out. He eventually calls and asks her to the spring dance and she accepts, only to back out when a more popular boy asks to go with him instead.

Now: After landing the role of Susan Dey in the 'Partridge Family' movie 'Come On, Get Happy' and starring in the comedy 'How High' with Method Man and Redman, Wagner retired from acting to raise a family.

Gina Pruitt / Heather Green


Then: Arnold family friends The Pruitts are coming to visit and Kevin desperately wants to impress their pretty young daughter, Gina. Only trouble is Kevin gets a giant pimple on his nose right before her visit.

Now: Heather Green quit acting and is now a female bodybuilder and fitness model living in Florida.

Margaret Farquhar / Lindsay Fisher


Then: Kevin gets paired up with Margaret, the class nerd, during square dancing. He's mortified but eventually comes to find out that despite having a bat for a pet, she's actually nice and fun to talk to. But Kevin can't deal with the teasing from his friends and eventually tells Margaret he can't talk to her in public anymore.

Now: Fisher had only one screen credit post-'Wonder Years' (the horror film 'Skeeter' about a killer mosquito) and now Lindsay DeGroot, lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Inga Finnstrom / Shevonne Durkin


Then: Kevin has a crush on Inga, the new Swedish exchange student. He later decides to double date to the school dance with Inga and Winnie, who's going with her date, Matt Stevens. At the dance, Kevin and Winnie start bickering but later realize their pretty dates are actually incredibly boring and dumb. Matt eventually asks Inga to dance and Kevin and Winnie ditch the dance and go for a walk.

Now: Durkin went on to star in 'Leprechaun 2' and 'Silk Stalkings' and now, as Shevonne Beaird, works as an independent film producer and casting director in Hollywood.

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