Whenever we think about the settings to some of the more recent Woody Allen pictures, our minds travel off to far off places like London and Rome. Every few years he decides to try and film one of his movies in New York City, but it's been rather difficult for the famed director to have that happen, that is until now.

While writer/director/actor Woody Allen gears up to see his latest romantic comedy 'To Rome With Love' debut at this year's highly regarded Cannes Film Festival, he finally put the rumors to rest as to where he'd be shooting for his next movie. The Playlist reports that he'll be shooting completely in the States, mostly in San Francisco with just a dash of his beloved New York. Lucky, lucky San Francisco. The film would be Allen's first in the US since 'Whatever Works' and only his second American-based film in eight years.

The currently untitled production will probably begin filming towards the later half of this year. Not only is Woody Allen notorious for putting together decent to great films at a rapid rate, but he knows how to grab the latest and greatest stars for his cast. He may be recruiting Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett to the cast, but that's nothing more than a rumor at the moment. Whoever joins that cast is one lucky son of a gun.

'To Rome With Love' is the latest movie that Woody Allen has not only wrote and directed but has also acted in. He's looking to spread his acting wings once again, this time in the new John Tuturro directed film 'Fading Gigolo' which is currently in pre-production. Don't forget that 'To Rome With Love' will be released in limited theaters on June 22, 2012.