Since cleaning house on 'The X Factor' judges' panel, Simon Cowell has been on the search for two qualified replacements for 'American Idol' vet Paula Abdul and Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger. With Britney Spears now on board, Cowell has narrowed in on a fourth judge. The one stipulation? She must be a brunette. So which brown-haired beauty has Cowell called on?

Demi Lovato

Former Disney star and Miley Cyrus BFF, Demi Lovato is in talks to join Britney Spears on the judges' panel for season two of 'The X Factor.' In a bid to freshen up 'X Factor's' judges panel in hopes of bringing in a younger audience, Cowell is banking on Lovato to bring her legions of tween fans to 'X Factor's' second season.

Old school 'American Idol' fans hoping for more priceless Paula Abdul antics on 'X Factor' should not be disappointed by the news of her and Scherzinger's impending replacements. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Lovato definitely brings some tabloid drama to the table. At just 19 years old, she's already been to rehab for bulimia and self-injury. And then there's Britney Spears. No need to elaborate there.

Should Lovato sign on for 'X Factor,' an announcement will likely be made at FOX's May 14th Upfront presentation in New York. 'X Factor' auditions being at the end of the month.

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