Lindsay Lohan is just about to start filming the Lifetime TV movie 'Liz & Dick' on the life of Elizabeth Taylor and husband Richard Burton and has begun her visual transformation into the classic actress/beauty. But we have to ask...does she actually look like Liz Taylor?

TMZ snapped the first shot of Lohan in costume and report that Lohan had her hair cut and dyed to look exactly like Taylor. We put together a side-by-side comparison above (with a Liz Taylor shot right from when Lohan is portraying her) so you can see for yourself if Lohan actually looks anything like the real thing.

And...well, Lindsay looks better. Better than she's looked out in public anyway. But in terms of actually looking like Liz Taylor...she looks more like she's starring as Angelina Jolie starring as Liz Taylor. This is one of those times where the collagen implants come back to bite you in the butt.

What will be equally as interesting as the look is how Lohan responds to actual acting. Besides playing herself, Lohan hasn't acted since a cameo role in 2010's 'Machete' and the direct-to-DVD 2009 film 'Labor Pains.'

Lohan is co-starring with 'True Blood' star Grant Bowler in 'Liz & Dick' which just began filming this weekend and will premiere later this year on Lifetime.