In his new movie, 'The Lucky One,' Zac Efron's decidedly adult role put him one step further away from the tween-friendly 'High School Musical' franchise that made him famous. So what types of roles is he hoping to play in the future?

Twitter account for a Q&A session with his 350,000 followers. After one asked how he imagined himself in 30 years, he responded:

And how does his family feel about seeing him in movies? Zac said, "My whole family went to ['The Lucky One'] premiere. It's totally weird. I was sitting next to my mom and little brother for the love scenes. Awkward!"

He also said his role as a Marine in the film "definitely taught me to respect the military," and that his character, Logan, is "a pretty amazing guy. I'm trying to be more like him. Always."

But lest you think he's going to let the musical talents he displayed in 'HSM' and 'Hairspray' languish, never fear. When asked if he'd ever do another song-and-dance film, he said, "Yes, I can't wait to do another musical. I'm just waiting for the right time and the right one."

Which means maybe his underage fans won't have to reach majority before they can see him on-screen again.