Now that 'Chuck' is over, it makes star Zachary Levi a free agent (as it were), and it looks like Marvel has their eyes on him to co-star in 'Thor 2.' Josh Dallas had to leave the film because of a television commitment, and Levi is their go-to to replace him.

Which is cosmic in its way as Levi was up for the part of Warriors Three member Frandral when 'Thor' had his first go-around, but Levi had to bow out when 'Chuck' was renewed for its final season. This news is coming from The Hollywood Reporter, who suggest that Levi is about to made an offer, though Marvel won't comment.

Hopefully what this means is that the Warriors Three have more to do in the second film. He'd be joined by Ray Stevenson and Tadanobu Asanom as the three, and if they're around, it seems likely that Jamie Alexander would also return. THR confirms that Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba and Anthony Hopkins are all coming back for sure.

As a career move, this means that he might have guaranteed work if the series keeps going, and having a job every two years in a franchise film isn't the worst thing. That said, it doesn't seem like much of a career-booster. Still, better 'Thor 2' than 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.'