'24' Movie in Limbo, Who Will Save Us From Terrorists?


Word broke this morning that Fox has put the brakes on the '24' movie, based on the hit TV show starring Kiefer Sutherland. Is the project dead or just put on hold? We examine...

Deadline reports that the delay isn't definite, but that the budget was certainly a factor. The studio was eyeing Antoine Fuqua to direct, and while the film hadn't been greenlit yet, they were looking at March to begin production. Sutherland initially asked for $5 million, before backing down to $3 million, with the studio bucking and offering $1 million. The film is poised to bank heavy on the backend, ensuring larger paydays for all involved if they can reach an agreement. Fox suggested a $30 million budget, while the filmmakers requested $45-60 million.

Hopefully an agreement can be reached quickly so Sutherland can save us all from the terrorists. Without Jack Bauer smiting international thugs under strict time constraints, who knows what will happen to us. The fate of freedom lies in your hands, Fox.

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