‘Supergirl’ Casts ‘Salem’ Star Iddo Goldberg as DC’s Red Tornado

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 29 minutes ago
CBS / DC Comics / WGN
A short while back, CBS Supergirl made known its intent to feature DC android (as well both hero and villain) Red Tornado, and now the character at last has a face. Well, sort of. Salem star Iddo Goldberg will play the android’s creator T.O. Morrow (yeah, we know), and may also have a hand in playing the super-robot himself.

Report: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Casts ‘Borgen’ Star as Euron Greyjoy

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 2 hours ago
Now that we’re all more or less on the same page with regard to Game of Thrones spoilers, many have wondered if Season 6 might return to the Iron Islands and Greyjoy plotlines dropped by HBO. We’ve seen some strong hints, but now it seems Borgen star Pilou Asbæk has landed a long-awaited key role in Season 6, of which filming confirms a major literary event.

New ‘Gotham’ Season 2 Photos Reveal Our First Costumed … Well, Someone

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 4 hours ago
Yesterday’s first clip of Gotham Season 2 had things looking more or less the same, despite what series star Ben McKenzie says about an improved approach, though the full photo set from the premiere bring with them an intriguing new figure. Are citizens of Gotham finally suiting up, costume, cape and all?

Bestflix: September 2015’s Best New Netflix Instant Titles

by Matt Singer 4 hours ago
Bestflix — ScreenCrush’s monthly video series dedicated to finding the best new stuff to watch on Netflix — is back with more recommendations for September 2015. (If you missed June, July, or August’s episodes, it’s not too late to add more great films and TV shows to your MyList.)

‘Empire’ Season 2 Unveils First Premiere Photos, FOUR New Trailers

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 6 hours ago
True to form, FOX’s Empire has been living large on the road to its September Season 2 premiere, dropping trailer after trailer, and the occasional 20-minute preview. What better way to keep the Empire in power, than to add four more new trailers, as well as our first HD photos of the Season 2 opener?

Donald Trump to Guest on Fallon’s September 11 ‘Tonight Show’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago
Announcements of Stephen Colbert’s first Late Show guests have fans admiring the dedication to a diverse range of non-celebrities, and Jimmy Fallon’s broader Tonight Show will surely feel the heat before long. How better for Fallon to respond, than to play a literal Trump card on the September 11 outing?

First Look at the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ BB-8 Toys Everyone Will Want

by Jacob Hall 8 hours ago
At the time that this sentence is being written, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only 107 days away from its December 18 opening. As we anxiously wait for the next trailer, we fill our days with speculation. Speculation about box office. Speculation about the unknown surnames of new characters. But there is one thing that doesn’t even need to be speculated about because it is a forgone conclusion – the spherical droid BB-8 is going to take the world by storm and its newly revealed toysareis going to be the must-have item of the year for kids and adults. Damn it, BB-8! Why do you have to be so adorable!

‘True Detective’ Director Cary Fukunaga Clears Up S2 Pizzolatto Beef … Sort Of

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago
HBO / Brad Barket, Getty Images
Amid the many flaws of True Detective Season 2, most would agree on the lack of Season 1 director Cary Fukunaga’s uniform vision, reportedly owing to a dispute between he and creator Nic Pizzolatto. Now, both men clear up a supposed Season 2 potshot Pizzolatto took at Fukunaga, but it still feels pretty chilly in here.

Don’t Make Us Force You to Watch the Top Five Weirdest Star Wars Toys

by ScreenCrush Staff 9 hours ago
In the tradition of ScreenCrush series like You Think You Know Movies, You Think You Know TV, and Post Credits comes a brand new YouTube series: Top Five! Each week (or so; we’ve got a lot of other stuff going on), ScreenCrush editor and critic Matt Singer will count down a particular topic from the world of movies (and probably write these introductory posts in the third person).

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Pretty Much Trolling A ‘Green Lantern’ Appearance Now

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 10 hours ago
The CW / Warner Bros.
We’re still waiting on a proper trailer for Arrow Season 4 to glimpse its secrets, but despite the acknowledgement of Green Lantern’s hometown of Coast City, producers have thoroughly shot down the notion of Oliver Queen teaming with any member of the Lantern Corps this year. Or have they? New production art from the season really wants you to believe in an Arrow / Green Lantern teamup.