FOX’s ‘Minority Report’ TV Series Casts Female Lead, First PreCog

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 5 hours ago
Amblin / Jonathan Leibson, Getty Images
FOX’s Minority Report sequel series has made some notable casting choices to date, returning Daniel London to his original role from the 2002 Spielberg film, but now the future-set pilot has its first original lead. Not only has Anchorman 2 star Meagan Good landed the leading role, so too has one of the film’s Pre-Cogs been recast to deliver the new Minority Report.

‘While We’re Young’ Trailer: Ben Stiller Refuses to Act His Age

by Matt Singer 10 hours ago
I really want to see While We’re Young and I’m terrified to see it at the same time. I love writer/director Noah Baumbach (he’s the guy who made The Squid and the Whale, Greenberg, and Frances Ha), and I can really relate to the premise of an older, childless married couple trying to recapture their youth. But I think I might relate to that premise a little too strongly.

New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Finale Trailer: ‘We’ve All Lost Enough Family to the Empire!’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 10 hours ago
Lucasfilm / Disney XD
Disney’s Star Wars Rebels seems ready to light a “Fire Across the Galaxy” by its first season finale, one Darth Vader himself looks to be answering. The newest full trailer for Monday’s finale keeps the main man-machine in the shadows, but offers our longest look yet at Star Wars Rebels‘ defining installment.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Comic-TV Comparisons: ‘Coda’ Through ‘The Distance’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 12 hours ago
AMC / Image Comics
The Walking Dead Season 5 shambled out its 11th entry with Sunday’s latest "The Distance” but how did it hold up to the comic book continuity? Rick's group ventured off the beaten comic path for awhile with Beth's rescue, so let's find out how close does the source material stuck through Season 5B, with Alexandria on the horizon!

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ 2015 Premiere Poster: First Look at Raina’s ‘Inhuman’ Transformation

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 13 hours ago
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will again take center stage with next Tuesday’s “Aftershocks,” picking up after the Inhuman evolution of 2014 finale “What They Become.” Now, a new poster reveals our first look at the most gruesome transformation yet, teasing Raina’s drastic new look.

New ‘Spectre’ Video Blog Reveals More Behind-the-Scenes Footage of James Bond

by Mike Sampson 13 hours ago
As Spectre continues filming, we are treated today to another dispatch from the Bond 24 set. The last video blog focused on the snowy shoot on the top of the Austrian mountains and this new installment features new behind the scenes footage of Daniel Craig as James Bond as well as Ralph Fiennes (M), Naomie Harris (Moneypenny), and Ben Whishaw (Q).

New Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Photos Flesh Out the Supporting Cast

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 13 hours ago
Marvel / Netflix
Marvel's Netflix Daredevil series has at least a month before all 13 episodes hit streaming, but short of a second trailer, the new Man Without Fear photos very much open up the world. Meet the supporting players of Marvel's Daredevil in a new string of photos, and get a taste of Matt Murdock's new gear!

Will Smith’s Unofficial Comeback Tour Now Includes a ‘Summertime’ Performance

by Kate Erbland 14 hours ago
If you are so far unfamiliar with the Will Smith-starring Focus (which opens tomorrow), but you have been keeping up with Smith’s late night appearances, you might be shocked to find that Focus is not about the rapper/actor reigniting his music career. After all, Smith has already resurrected “Getting Jiggy Wit It” for a recent Late Show appearance. Next up? “Summertime.” Just go on tour, Will Smith.

Ice T Has a Lot of Opinions About ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

by Kate Erbland 15 hours ago
“Fifty Shades of Grey? That’s nothing!” It’s fair to assume that the last thing most people – even most late night hosts – would ask Ice T should they have him locked in a conversation is how he feels about Fifty Shades of Grey. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is not most people, and when Ice T (Ice? Mr. T?) appeared on his show last night, Fallon asked him about America’s current cultural obsession. Ice T had some opinions! They’re kind of great!

10 ‘Big Hero 6’ Facts About Your Favorite Disney Super Friends

by ScreenCrush Staff 16 hours ago
If you saw Big Hero 6, you fell in love with Baymax, there's just no way around it. He doesn't just save the day, he’s also lovable and sweet and cuddly. And, that's no accident. Disney animators based a lot of Baymax’s look on a young child. His walk was specifically modeled after a toddler with a full diaper. These are just some of the super duper facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which returns to Disney and Marvel's Big Hero 6!