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Netflix ‘Chelsea’ First Guests Include Team Cap, Gwyneth Paltrow and More

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 3 hours ago
We’re less than a week away from yet another entry into the late-night world, albeit a unique streaming experience only Netflix’s Chelsea can offer three nights a week. See for yourself, as Handler’s first week will include everyone from Drew Barrymore to Civil War’s Team Cap, and far from just sitting behind a desk.

Gee, What Could Surprise Davos in New ‘Game of Thrones’ ‘Oathbreaker’ Photos?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 4 hours ago
Many a Game of Thrones fan had Sunday’s resurrecting “twist” pegged before Season 5 even drew that last breath, but Season 6 has only just started filling its characters in on the big “LC” return. Cue a surprised Davos, and some very questionable company for Qyburn in the latest photos from Game of Thrones’ upcoming “Oathbreaker.”

Woody Allen Talks Miley Cyrus Amazon Series, ‘Regret’ Comments

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 6 hours ago
The prospect of a Woody Allen TV series hasn’t gotten any less strange since its announcement, between Allen’s public regret of the Amazon deal and the addition of Miley Cyrus, nor does the latest word from the controversial filmmaker, who admits in the same interview to knowing Cyrus from Hannah Montana, but never having seen Breaking Bad. Now, Allen reveals new details of the untitled project, as well his initial discomfort with TV.

‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakens’ Gets a ‘Star Wars’-Style Poster, Of Course

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 hours ago
We probably should have seen coming that Syfy’s fourth Sharknado outing The 4th Awakens would look to capitalize on the annual Star Wars day, and if ever you thought a galaxy far, far away could use some flying sharks, today’s your day. Take a look at the Force Awakens-style poster for Sharknado’s next storm, along with the full roster of C-list cameos!

‘Walking Dead’ Boss Defends ‘Star Trek’-Style Cliffhanger: ‘We Wanted to Stay on Your Mind’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago
The Walking Dead Season 7 has already begun production, kicking off a new round of fan investigation to fill the void of Game of Thrones‘’ latest twist, and giving producers one hell of a challenge to keep Negan’s victim under wraps. That said, creator Robert Kirkman isn’t done defending the controversial cliffhanger, likening it to the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and wanting fans to hope, not grieve.

‘The Path’ Brainwashes Hulu Into a Second Season

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago
Hulu cult drama The Path may not have drawn too big a following since its March premiere, but the Meyerism movement isn’t going anywhere just yet. The network has officially booked the Aaron Paul-Hugh Dancy-Michelle Monaghan religious drama for another rung of the Ladder, debuting Season 2 in 2017.

CBS ‘Star Trek’ Confirms Weekly Premieres, All-Access Plans

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 19 hours ago
Apart from the excitement of a new TV Star Trek series on the horizon, Trekkies had to wonder how CBS might structure the new All-Access series after its network premiere. Rest assured, CBS intends to keep to the weekly model over Netflix’s binge drop, while network brass hopes to debut even more new All-Access series in the years to come.