'Happy Endings,' which wrapped its second season last month, features cast members that are not only funny, they're apparently brave as well. In fact, three of the show's stars are so fearless -- or stupid -- that they once almost got into a scrap with Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in 'The Avengers.'

Seems Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr. and Zachary Knighton were once invited to a soiree at the Playboy Mansion. And since that's a place where testosterone is handed out as a party favor, it wasn't long before the trio ran into trouble.

As Pally told NY Mag:

“Those parties are just kind of crazy, you know what I mean?” says Pally. “Like, obviously, they’re exactly what you think of. Chris Evans was there, and he recognized Zach, and he was like, ‘Dude I love you, you’re a great actor, but that show you’re on is bullsh-t.’

"I don’t even think he was talking about 'Happy Endings,' I think he was talking about [Knighton's previous show] 'FlashForward,' but I was a little under the influence, and so I got up in Chris Evans’s face like an idiot — because he would have destroyed me, he would have ripped my arms off — and I was like, ‘Whoa, not cool, Captain America.’

"And then Damon backed me up, and I was like, ‘We’re going to kick the sh-t out of you, Chris Evans.’ And then security broke us up.

"So there you go.”

Chemistry like that is probably why viewership for 'Happy Endings' doubled over the past year, and why a third season is likely. But regardless, "Not cool, Captain America" just became our favorite new catchphrase.