'Adventure Time' has one of the deepest rosters of characters for any TV show not named 'The Simpsons.' What helps make all these characters so special and memorable, are the talented voice actors who contribute to the show. A mix of trained voiceover artists and actors, singers and comedians, the show has created an animated world unlike any other.

Because we get asked often, we decided to put together a definitive guide to the 'Adventure Time' voice cast that helps make the show so incredible. There will be some faces you don't recognize, but also get ready to go, "Hey, I didn't know that's who that was!"

  • 1

    Finn the Human

    Jeremy Shada
    Finn Jeremy Shada
  • 2

    Jake the Dog

    John DiMaggio
    Jake John DiMaggio
  • 3

    Princess Bubblegum

    Hynden Walch
    Princess Bubblegum Hynden Walch
  • 4

    Ice King

    Tom Kenny
    Ice King Tom Kenny
  • 5

    Lumpy Space Princess

    Pendleton Ward
    Lumpy Space Princess Pendleton Ward
  • 6


    Olivia Olson
    Marceline Olivia Olson
  • 7

    Lady Rainicorn/BMO

    Niki Yang
    Lady Rainicorn BMO Niki Yang
  • 8

    Earl of Lemongrab

    Justin Roiland
    Earl of Lemongrab Justin Roiland
  • 9


    Madeleine Martin
    Fionna Madeline Martin
  • 10


    Roz Ryan
    Cake Roz Ryan
  • 11

    The Lich

    Ron Perlman
    The Lich Ron Perlman
  • 12

    Peppermint Butler, Abracadaniel, Duke of Nuts, Turtle Princess

    Steve Little
    Peppermint Butler Steve Little
  • 13

    Flame Princess

    Jessica DiCicco
    Flame Princess Jessica DiCicco
  • 14

    Tree Trunks

    Polly Lou Livingston
    Tree Trunks Polly Lou Livingston
  • 15

    Cinnamon Bun

    Dee Bradley Baker
    Cinnamon Bun Dee Bradley Baker
  • 16

    Prince Gumball

    Neil Patrick Harris
    Prince Gumball Neil Patrick Harris
  • 17

    Marshall Lee

    Donald Glover
    Marshall Lee Donald Glover
  • 18

    Party Pat

    Andy Samberg
    Party Pat Andy Samberg
  • 19

    Evil Guy, Fear Feaster, Punchy

    Mark Hamill
    Adventure Time Mark Hamill
  • 20

    Princess Cookie

    Donald Faison
    Princess Cookie Donald Faison
  • 21

    Jake, Jr.

    Kristen Schaal
    Jake Jr Kristen Schall
  • 22


    Aziz Ansari
    DMO Aziz Ansari
  • 23


    Biz Markie
    Snorlock Biz Markie
  • 24

    Dream Warrior

    Matthew Broderick
    Dream Warrior Matthew Broderick
  • 25


    Paul Reubens
    Gnome Paul Reubens
  • 26


    George Takei
    Ricardio George Takei
  • 27


    Emo Phillips
    Cuber Emo Phillips
  • 28


    Lou Ferrigno
    Billy Lou Ferrigno
  • 29

    King Worm

    Erik Estrada
    King Worm Erik Estrada
  • 30


    Bobcat Goldthwait
    Ed Bobcat Goldthwait
  • 31

    Business Man

    Brian Posehn
    Business Man Brian Posehn
  • 32


    Brian Baumgartner
    Georgie Brian Baumgartner