Amy Poehler and Adam Scott play adorable couple Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation,' and now the pair will reunite on the big screen -- albeit not as an adorable couple, but adorable separates -- in 'A.C.O.D.'

The Playlist reports that the film will be directed by Stuart Zicherman, who also co-wrote the script with Ben Karlin ('The Daily Show'). So far the cast is impeccable, with Richard Jenkins, Catherine O'Hara, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jessica Alba, and Jane Lynch -- and now Poehler. This cast is just one Nick Offerman away from perfection.

'A.C.O.D.' follows Carter (Scott), a man who has to bring his squabbling, divorced parents back together when his brother gets married. Jenkins will play the father, while Poehler will play his current wife and enemy of his ex-wife, played by O'Hara. Winstead will play Scott's girlfriend and his moral support.

And we will all play the part of anxious moviegoers, impatiently awaiting this film's completion and release.