Parks and Recreation came to an end last week after seven wonderful seasons, and now that you’ve dried your eyes from the buckets of tears you undoubtedly cried, Amy Poehler is ready to make you laugh again. The Second City improv group has revealed clips from a lost pilot for a ’90s sitcom starring Poehler as a hacker in a terrible era-appropriate vest. It’s…well, it’s something.

Recently, Second City also revealed an old clip of Chris Farley originating his famous Matt Foley character from SNL on their stage. Second City is the place where many SNL stars and very funny people got their start—like Amy Poehler, who appeared in this weird ’90s sitcom called RVTV with improv legend Del Close. The sitcom was written by Tom Gianas and Adam McKay, and follows a group of hackers who do their work out of an RV.

The above video doesn’t feature the entire episode; instead, it’s basically a highlight reel of Poehler’s work on the sitcom pilot, which took just 10 days to shoot in Toronto. RVTV itself doesn’t appear to have had much comedic potential, but it’s funny nonetheless to watch Poehler in this pilot, which is most definitely a product of its time. That vest! Come on!