It's no secret that director Adam McKay loves to let his actors improv and riff, sometimes repeating the same scene dozens of times and creating new material with every take. With 2004's 'Anchorman,' McKay had so much additional material that he was able to create an additional film, titled 'Wake Up, Ron Burgundy' for the DVD release. With 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' right around the corner, he's revealed a far more ambitious (and insane) plan.

In addition to the regular cut of the much anticipated sequel, McKay says that he has enough alternate takes to create a completely different cut of the film ... and that he'd like to release it in theaters. Seriously. Here's what he told Empire:

We did so much improv on this one that we can literally replace every single joke in the movie and put in alt scenes and alt improv runs. I think the editor’s working on it right now, with 250 new jokes. I think it would be really funny to put it in theatres for midnight showings. I know that I personally, if I loved a movie and someone told me that, like if Airplane! had been released with all-new jokes, I’d be like, ‘you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!’ I’d see it in a second.

We imagine that both cuts of the film will follow an identical overall structure, but with every joke, delivery and line of dialogue completely replaced with something new. We don't know what you think, but that sounds crazy. And also amazing. Actually, mostly amazing, but without losing any of that craziness.

Nearly a decade later, 'Anchorman' remains the funniest movie of the millennium and Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy (along with the rest of his news team) the greatest comic creation in a long, long time. The only thing that's as fun as watching Ferrell, Steve Carell, David Koechner and Paul Rudd play these characters is watching them riff in the deleted, extended and alternate scenes in DVD special features. So, if given the chance to see an entire movie comprised of different jokes from this genius cast, you can bet we'll head out and pay to see 'Anchorman 2' again.

Of course, this remains a crazy idea and there's no official confirmation that it will happen. But if 'Anchorman 2' is a success, we imagine a McKay and company could put together some kind of release. It'll be certainly be a first, but then again, few people have been better at this comedy business than McKay and his troupe.