Last night in Burbank, CA, audiences caught their first glimpse at the long awaited return of Ron Burgundy as 'Anchorman 2' screened for the very first time. We've got some of the first reactions to the highly-anticipated comedy sequel, as well as a more detailed 'Anchorman 2' review from a lucky ScreenCrush reader who was in attendance.

The audience was asked not to reveal any of the major moments and surprises in the film (and we'll honor that request here as well), but the early word on Twitter was that 'Anchorman 2' is a worthy successor to the original; one of the funniest films of the last 20 years. Check out this sampling of tweets from people who were in the audience last night:

Everyone seems very excited! In addition to these Twitter reactions, we also have a more detailed 'Anchorman 2' review from a ScreenCrush reader who was at last night's screening. Does a more in-depth look than the 140 characters on Twitter reveal the same excitement and optimism? Here's what "Esmé von Tarlek" had to say about the film:

At the request of our reader at the 'Anchorman 2' screening, we have deleted their review of the film.

Retooling is something that is par for the course for test screenings and especially for films from director Adam McKay, producer Judd Apatow and Will Ferrell. We don't doubt that there will be many edits (and possibly even some reshoots) to 'Anchorman 2' before its December release date to deliver the funniest possible movie. (Remember, there were so many scenes cut from the original 'Anchorman,' it filled up an entirely different movie released on DVD called 'Wake Up Ron Burgundy.')