Arnold Schwarzenegger has accomplished pretty much every goal he has set out to accomplish. He's starred in blockbuster movies, won numerous bodybuilding awards, became a governor and fathered children out of wedlock (which is such a Conan move).

Now the bodybuilder/actor/politician/returning actor has one more goal to accomplish. He's is in the middle of writing his memoirs and he needs your help.

The Authornator posted on his Facebook page that he's writing his memoirs and in case his box office money making brain has forgotten some important details like who he may have harassed on one of his movie sets, he wants the help of his fans to fill in some of the blanks. Here's what he posted:

I need your help. I have been working on my book, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, for quite a while now, and later today we are having a brainstorming session to talk about themes, stories, and ideas I might have missed. A million minds are better than a few, so I'm asking you to let me know: what do you want to hear about? What themes in my life? Are their any stories you really want to hear? Give me your ideas. You can all consider yourselves my co-writers."

Here are some details* we've scrounged up from our contacts deep within the bowels of Hollywood that Arnold may want to include in his book:

  • Curled the entire Swedish Bikini Team back in 1987. With his left arm.
  • Suggested 'The Terminator' quote lines from 'Saturday Night Live.'
  • Was cast as a Klingon in 'Star Trek V' but couldn't get the English lines down.
  • Slept with David Bowie. Twice.
  • Learned very quickly that "doggystyle" in Austria means something completely different in the United States.
  • Calls Lou Ferrigno every Saturday night and laughs for a good ten minutes before hanging up.
  • Really, really hates Carl Weathers. Like, hates him with a passion.

What details do you think should be in Arnold's memoirs? Sound off in the comments below!

*Details may not have actually happened