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The Immortal Kevin Fitzpatrick was born and raised in New York City, and that doesn't make sense. Kevin wears many hats, including actor, editor, and writer, but never yellow. The best things in life are Back to the Future, beets, Firefly and The Venture Bros. When not picking apart the minutia of pop culture in film and TV, Kevin can usually be found RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

‘Arrow’ Finale Review: ‘Schism’ Snoozes Through Darhk Ending, Mayoral Twist

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 hours ago
The CW
‘Arrow’ faced down a nuclear “Schism” at the hands of Damien Darhk for its Season 4 finale, but what big twist saw Oliver finally stepping into the light? And what exactly will send us to Russia in Season 5? Find out in our full review!

‘Mr. Robot’ Explores Post-Hack America in New Viral Season 2 Clips

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 13 hours ago
Like the Fight Club that help inspired it, Mr. Robot likely had a tough time explaining its exact premise in Season 1 promotion, but increased visibility for Season 2 is taking fsociety nationwide. See for yourself in two new viral clips from Season 2, as both the news and Obama himself respond to the changing state of world affairs after mastermind (?) Tyrell Wellick’s attack.

Marvel in Confusion At First ‘Luke Cage’ Set Photo of ‘Diamondback’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 14 hours ago
Marvel / Netflix
Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones took a low-key approach to costuming its heroes and villains, Luke Cage included, but a Harlem change of scenery appears to have brought some interesting design out of the woodwork. Get your first look at Erik LaRay Harvey suited up as Marvel villain “Diamondback” squaring off with the hero for hire!

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Photos Look to Spill Some Holy ‘Blood of My Blood’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 17 hours ago
Now that we’ve put that big Hodor twist (and hopefully its jokes) behind us, Game of Thrones has even more “Blood of My Blood” to spill by the looks of next Sunday’s photos. Arya seems ready to complete her first assassination, while a deadly public conflict with the High Sparrow looms, but is another big death waiting in the wings?

‘Game of Thrones’ Bosses Apologize for Barrage of Ongoing ‘Hodor’ Jokes

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 18 hours ago
Game of Thrones’ big Hodor twist has been dissected every which way; whether it does, or doesn’t spoil the books, and even word from Kristian Nairn himself, but nothing feels quite so devastating as the onslaught of new “Hodor” gags wrought by Sunday’s “The Door.” For that, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss must apologize.

‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 3 Sets July Premiere in First Teaser

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 19 hours ago
“Critics are the worst,” opines critical darling BoJack Horseman in the first official Season 3 footage of his summer return, now set for a July Netflix bow. He may be right, but that won’t stop us from lining up to fawn over the animated dramedy’s star-studded return.

Starz Moving its Original Series Premieres From Saturday to Sunday

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 20 hours ago
More and more TV shows each year make it impossible to keep up with everything, even as choice Sunday real estate goes to conversation-starters like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Well, get ready to not talk about the big Starz shows on Monday, now that the cable outlet will switch to Sunday premieres, from its usual Saturday.