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New York Film Critics Name ‘Boyhood’ the Best Film of 2014

by Matt Singer December 1, 2014 @ 12:27 PM
IFC Films
At a meeting in New York City earlier today, the members of the New York Film Critics Circle announced the winners of their annual awards, which will be handed out at a special ceremony early next year. The biggest prizes, Best Picture and Best Director, went to Richard Linklater and his epic ‘Boyhood,’ which took 12 years to make. The other big winner of the day, in a bit of a surprise, was James Gray’s ‘The Immigrant,’ which hasn’t gotten a ton of attention during awards season so far but picked up two trophies from the NYFCC, for star Marion Cotillard and cinematographer Darius Khondji.

‘Wild’ Review: Reese Witherspoon Delivers One of Her Best Performances in This Unusual Autobiopic

by Matt Singer December 1, 2014 @ 11:55 AM
Fox Searchlight
Memories are so sensual. The right song will bring you back to the first place you ever heard it; a particular blend of smells will put you back in your grandmother’s kitchen (toasted bialys with cream cheese do it for me every time). ‘Wild’ communicates this idea better than almost any movie I can think of. As Cheryl Strayed hikes the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada alone, sounds and sights she encounters on her physical journey send her—and the audience—on a psychological journey into her past, to learn exactly why she decided to embark on such a crazy and potentially dangerous expedition. Strayed hikes the PCT with a comically large backpack—“The Monster,” as a few of her fellow travelers dub it—but it’s clear that the heaviest baggage she carries is the emotional kind.

Lars von Trier Worries He Might Not Be Able To Make More Movies Now That He’s Sober

by Matt Singer December 1, 2014 @ 11:50 AM
In the past, von Trier would drink an entire bottle of vodka a day to “enter a ‘parallel world’ necessary for creation.” Without it, he fears that all he could make are “sh---y films.” His most recent work, ‘Nymphomaniac,’ was produced sober—but incredibly slowly; it took 18 months to write the screenplay. In contrast, the script for ‘Dogville’ was produced in a “12-day drug binge.” (Things go quicker when you don’t have to describe sets or locations because the entire movie is shot on a blank stage.)

Fox Gives a Green Light to ‘Independence Day 2’

by Matt Singer November 26, 2014 @ 3:43 PM
Happy Thanksgiving! Okay, enough of that, let’s talk about a far more important holiday, cinematically speaking: Independence Day and ‘Independence Day,’ and specifically let’s talk about the film’s sequel. The follow-up to Roland Emmerich’s 1996 movie about Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman fighting off an alien invasion has been in development at Fox for a while now, and for a long time the plan was to make two ‘ID4’ sequels back to back. At that point, Smith’s participation was a question mark, with the studio supposedly going so far as to write two versions of the script; one with the Fresh Prince and one without him.

James Cameron Promises the ‘Avatar’ Sequels Will Make You “S--t Yourself”

by Matt Singer November 26, 2014 @ 11:49 AM
James Cameron doesn’t lack for confidence. And why should he? This is the guy who made the biggest movie in the history of the universe, and then he topped himself and made the biggest movie in the history of the universe a second time. If there is anything in the world of movies James Cameron can’t do, he hasn’t found it yet.

Mel Brooks Will Play Adam Sandler’s (Vampire) Dad in ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’

by Matt Singer November 26, 2014 @ 10:07 AM
Sony Pictures Animation
You can make all the “‘Hotel Transylvania’ sucked!” jokes you want (and then follow them with with all the “Get it? Sucked? Because vampires?” you want), but make no mistake: The movie was a big ol’ hit. The animated film about a hotel for famous monsters in a location I’ve yet to verify (but possibly Transylvania) earned almost $150 million in the United States and another $210 million worldwide back in 2012. That naturally inspired the upcoming sequel, ‘Hotel Transylvania 2,’ which will open in theaters next September, and once again features the voices of Adam Sandler (as Count Dracula), Adam Samberg (as Jonathan, a human), Selena Gomez (as Drac’s daughter Mavis), Kevin James (as Frank[enstein]), and Steve Buscemi (as Wayne the werewolf).

How to Make an Oscar-Winning Biopic In Five Easy Steps

by Matt Singer November 26, 2014 @ 8:56 AM
In cinematic circles, there are a few names for this time of year. Awards-minded individuals call the fall “Oscar season” because this is when the campaigning for little gold men gets particularly hot and heavy. The late film critic Roger Ebert used to call it “good movie season,” because the byproduct of all that campaigning was all of the studios’ most promising and intellectually stimulating titles getting released together in the span of two months. In recent years, I’ve started to call the fall by a different name: Biopic season, because barely a week goes by without a new biographical film.