Remember all of those rumors Robert Downey, Jr. started when he mentioned at the L.A. press conference that the cast was filming an additional ‘Avengers’ scene that could be added to the movie at the last minute?  The actors were claiming it was true but Marvel executives said that Downey, Jr. was just joking. Well, which one was it?  Now we know the truth.  Read on if you really want to know!

Christopher Campbell got fans buzzing when he
Tweeted Tuesday night about a second post-credit scene that was tacked on to the end of his screening.

The scene, according to Campbell, apparently completes a reference Downey Jr.’s character, Tony Stark, starts at one point during the film … so knowing the scene now won’t really help until you’ve seen the movie (and we're not going to tell you here and ruin all the fun).

That hasn’t stopped people from posting phone-captured bootleg videos and photos of the scene online. (You can find it if you want to dig hard enough.) We’d advise that you wait until you see the movie in theaters starting Friday … and, of course, stay through to the very end of the end credits. Seriously, wait until the lights are up and the theater employees are sweeping you out with their brooms.

The post-credit tease has become a staple of the Marvel film universe, and ‘The Avengers’ doesn’t disappoint – with either of its two post-credit sequences!