So this is how President Barack Obama is going to lock up re-election in 2012? As the Republican Party hopefuls tear themselves apart in mean-spirited, defensive debates, will Obama take the podium at the Democratic National Convention and reveal his deepest secret - a superhero alter ego?
He’s Captain America.

OK, so he isn’t. At least, we don’t believe that he is … though somebody took out Osama Bin Laden, and now I’m left to wonder if a well-thrown shield wasn’t the weapon of choice for Seal Team 6.

This inspiring bit of campaign art comes to us from Obama 2012’s official Tumblr page. It falls under the headline “Today in cool: the Obama Poster Project.” And I admire the designer for avoiding the easy, go-to superhero in Superman. If you want to celebrate a politician’s patriotism, you can’t go wrong with Cap.

I also love that we’re building on a racially-blind concept that grew by leaps and bounds when Marvel introduced Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Latino teenager who took over Spider-Man’s legendary costume in ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ issue 160. Superhero storytellers continue to think outside of the box in the year 2012. Why can’t our African-American president moonlight as a superhero?

Oh, and Disney’s probably thrilled, because subliminally, this poster also serves as a commercial for ‘The Avengers,’ which – if you hadn’t heard – opens in theaters on May 4. Obama Assemble!