The Best Movie Augusts, Ranked

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August. It’s the worst, right? It’s hot. Also, the movies are historically not great. The last few weeks, multiplexes have been filled with movies with titles like 'Let’s Be Cops,' 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' and 'The Expendables 3'. This weekend brings us 'The November Man' and 'As Above, So Below.' It’s not pretty.

I’ve been complaining so vehemently that my editor has told me I need to be more positive – and that there just had to be some really great movie Augusts out there. You know, he has a point. Though, I’m really not sure what this assignment has to do with that flood of bad movies lately, but I’m not one to turn down a direct assignment. So, anyway, here are your top five movie Augusts.

[Ed note: Uhh Mike, we meant The Five Best August Movies.]

  • 5

    August Nicholson from 'The Village'


  • 4

    Ann August from 'Anywhere But Here'


  • 3

    Adele August from 'Anywhere But Here'


  • 2

    Sir August de Wynter from 'The Avengers' You Didn't Like


  • 1

    August Rosenbluth from 'Water For Elephants'


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