A little over a year ago, Disney CEO Robert Iger announced at an investor meeting that Pixar was developing two more sequels to go along with the upcoming Finding Dory and Toy Story 4: Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2, a follow-up to the beloved animated adventure about a family of superheroes from writer/director Brad Bird. Bird’s spent the last couple years working in live-action after a long career in animation — he made the hugely successful Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, and his latest film, Tomorrowland, opens on May 22 — so it would be a big deal if he was indeed returning home to Pixar to develop an Incredibles sequel.

Apparently, he is and it is. In an interview with NPR, Bird said The Incredibles 2 is indeed “percolating.” “I’m just starting to write it,” he added. “So we’ll see what happens.” And then the audience at the interview bursts into applause, as well they should.

I know what happens, Brad Bird: You write The Incredibles 2, you develop it with the rest of the Pixar geniuses, you animate it, you release it, and it makes lots and lots of money. And then you deal with nerds asking you questions like “Will you make Incredibles 3?” and “Since Disney owns Pixar and Disney owns Marvel, could the Incredibles meet the Avengers?” for the rest of your life. Sound good?

(Oh and still no word on the state of Cars 3 yet. I know you’re holding your breath in anticipation. Just hang in there!)