‘The Walking Dead’s New Big Bad Will Arrive in Season 6 … Or 7, They’re Not Sure

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago
The Walking Dead got as much mileage out of its first big bad as humanly possible (even then keeping him around for the occasional hallucination), but many wonder when the infamous “Negan” might swing his trusty bat, now that we’ve established Alexandria. Good news! The Walking Dead may yet introduce Negan (and others) in Season 6 … or maybe 7. Hey, even they don’t know.

‘Goodnight Mommy’ Trailer: Brace Yourselves for One of the Best Horror Films of the Year

by Britt Hayes a day ago
Goodnight Mommy first debuted at Fantastic Fest in 2014, and has since become one of the most anticipated horror films of this year. As you can see in the first trailer, Austrian directing duo Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz have crafted a wholly unnerving psychological horror story about two boys coping with some…changes…in their mother.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Will Open on an Action Sequence, Plus Backstory Revealed

by Kevin Fitzpatrick a day ago
The Walking Dead Season 6 seems a bit more transparent than its predecessor, though the October 11 premiere may leave a few scratching their heads. Not only will the new season of AMC’s monster smash open on a “heightened” action sequence absent any context, but so too will episodes dip back to show both Morgan and others’ backstories.

New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 Photos Confirm Comic Characters and More

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 2 days ago
The Walking Dead Season 6 served up a side-dish of new details alongside the Comic-Con 2015 trailer, including the additions of Ethan Embry and Nurse Jackie alum Merritt Wever in a comic-adapted role. Now, new photos confirm Wever’s role as Alexandria doc Denise, also illuminating Embry’s adapted character and more.

‘Poltergeist’ Director Gil Kenan Signs on For ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Movie

by Jacob Hall 2 days ago
Scott Games
If you haven’t heard about the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, have a chat with the video game aficionado in your life and they’ll tell you all about it. A smash hit on both computers and mobile devices, these games cast the gamer as a security guard in a Chuck E. Cheese-style family restaurant...where the animatronic animals come to life at night...and try to kill you. Now, the film adaptation of the series has found a director in Gil Kenan, best known for Monster House and this year’s remake of Poltergeist.

‘Nosferatu’ Remake in the Works From Director of Acclaimed Upcoming Horror Film ‘The Witch’

by Britt Hayes 3 days ago
Film Arts Guild
One of the most talked about films of 2015 hasn’t even hit theaters yet — Robert Eggers’ The Witch blew audiences away at Sundance, but you probably won’t get a chance to find out why until much later this year. In the meantime, the director has lined up another new project: a remake of F.W. Murnau’s silent 1922 horror film Nosferatu.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Gets Expanded Episode Order

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 4 days ago
However AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead distinguishes itself from the parent series after showcasing the outset of the zombie apocalypse, the August prequel will quickly share something in common. After six episodes in its first season, Fear The Walking Dead will return in 2016 with an order expanded from the AMC norm.

‘Hannibal’ Brutally Introduces Us to ‘The Great Red Dragon’

by Britt Hayes 5 days ago
At the midseason mark, Hannibal has a moment of readjustment, switching gears almost effortlessly to transition into the future — three years down the line, and Will Graham is experiencing his Godfather moment. Just when he thought he was out, Jack Crawford pulls him back in to investigate the Tooth Fairy, a name our new killer despises, as “The Great Red Dragon” is more to his demented liking.

‘The Walking Dead’ Is Getting its Own Official Blood-Soaked Beer

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 23, 2015 @ 10:47 AM
Were zombies to truly start roaming the streets, we could all probably use a drink. The Walking Dead certainly isn’t ignorant of this fact, occasionally stopping in between walker hack-n’-slash for a pint or two, but at last fans have their own official beer to celebrate Robert Kirkman’s undead franchise, and with a bit of blood to boot.

‘Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Teases Series End, Plus S5 Deleted Scene

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 22, 2015 @ 11:11 PM
The CW
Fast approaching Season 6, AMC’s The Walking Dead already has its golden years in sight, even if franchise creator Robert Kirkman famously envisions the source material lasting indefinitely. Time is time, and even Kirkman has in mind how The Walking Dead might end, while a new Season 5 deleted scene should get fans a-buzzing for Rick and Michonne in Season 6.