15 Things You Might Not Know About ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

by ScreenCrush Staff 17 hours ago
Even though Freddy Krueger is the main villain in A Nightmare on Elm Street and one of the most iconic horror villains of all time, he’s actually only in the original movie for less than seven minutes. That’s just one of the many facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which dreams a little dream about the original A Nightmare on Elm Street.

‘The Walking Dead’s Morgan Learned Bo Staff From a Ninja Turtle

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 19 hours ago
AMC / New Line Cinema
Last season’s Walking Dead finale treated viewers to the surprising reveal that not only was Morgan hot on the trail of Rick Grimes, but also that he’d picked up some sweet moves with a bo-staff. Last night’s premiere saw Morgan alluding to his trainer, but the real world has a far more surprising revelation: Lennie James was trained by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

George R.R. Martin Werewolf TV Series Moving Forward at Cinemax

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 20 hours ago
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images
George R.R. Martin has more to his name than just Game of Thrones, and Cinemax may help prove that to your average TV viewer. The premium cable network has begun development of a new series based on Martin’s ‘80s werewolf novella Skin Trade, and there’s nothing about the phrase “80s werewolf novella” we can’t get behind.

R.L. Stine’s ‘Fear Street’ Will Also Become a Movie Now

by Britt Hayes 4 days ago
Simon and Schuster
Just as we graduated in our youth from the elementary Goosebumps series to the more tween-oriented chills of Fear Street, so too will Hollywood, as R.L. Stine’s classic YA line of horror novels are getting their very own movie. Although Goosebumps has yet to officially hit the big screen, early word of mouth on the meta-horror-comedy has been largely positive, making the leap over to Fear Street seem pretty reasonable — and kind of exciting.

Sam Raimi Says ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Was Originally Going To Be a New ‘Evil Dead’ Movie

by Matt Singer 4 days ago
For decades, Evil Dead lovers have begged, pleaded, and pestered director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell for another movie. None of the three films were huge box office smashes, and none were critically acclaimed in their initial release. But on home video and cable they methodically built one of the most passionate and loyal fanbases in all of horror moviedom. And that fanbase wanted more.

Here’s What May Happen in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Based on the Real-Life Hotel

by Erin Whitney 4 days ago
If you thought Wednesday’s shocking premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel was scary, undoubtedly the series’ most gruesome episode yet, be warned – the rest of the season is bound to get even more terrifying. We know this not only because co-creator Brad Falchuk confirmed Hotel will be the darkest season yet (and that means dark, considering Asylum), but because AHS is always based on real incidents and people. If we look no further than the real-life location Season 5's Hotel Cortez was inspired by we’ll discover just how many horrors are likely on the way.

‘Walking Dead’ Boss Maybe, Kinda, Sorta Confirms Negan for Season 6

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 4 days ago
AMC / Image Comics
Any fan of The Walking Dead knows that AMC makes more than a few diversions from the comic source material, even if recent seasons have trended more toward the books than ever. To wit, evidence has overwhelmingly suggested we’ll meet the next comic big bad Negan before long, and showrunner Scott Gimple may finally have confirmed his arrival in Season 6.

10 ‘Hellraiser’ Facts That Will Tear Your Soul Apart

by Matt Singer 5 days ago
Everyone knows the main demon from Hellraiser as “Pinhead.” But did you know that was never he intended name? In Clive Barker’s original Hellraiser screenplay, the character was referred to as “Lead Cenobite.” Pinhead was just a nickname that stuck — and one that Barker himself never really liked. In his later Hellraiser novels he gave him a proper name: “The Hell Priest.” That’s just one of the many facts packed into the latest episode of You Think You Know Movies, which will peer inside the puzzle box to bring you fascinating behind-the-scenes trivia about the original Hellraiser.