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‘Hannibal’ Brutally Introduces Us to ‘The Great Red Dragon’

by Britt Hayes July 26, 2015 @ 11:48 AM
At the midseason mark, Hannibal has a moment of readjustment, switching gears almost effortlessly to transition into the future — three years down the line, and Will Graham is experiencing his Godfather moment. Just when he thought he was out, Jack Crawford pulls him back in to investigate the Tooth Fairy, a name our new killer despises, as “The Great Red Dragon” is more to his demented liking.

‘The Walking Dead’ Is Getting its Own Official Blood-Soaked Beer

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 23, 2015 @ 10:47 AM
Were zombies to truly start roaming the streets, we could all probably use a drink. The Walking Dead certainly isn’t ignorant of this fact, occasionally stopping in between walker hack-n’-slash for a pint or two, but at last fans have their own official beer to celebrate Robert Kirkman’s undead franchise, and with a bit of blood to boot.

‘Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Teases Series End, Plus S5 Deleted Scene

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 22, 2015 @ 11:11 PM
The CW
Fast approaching Season 6, AMC’s The Walking Dead already has its golden years in sight, even if franchise creator Robert Kirkman famously envisions the source material lasting indefinitely. Time is time, and even Kirkman has in mind how The Walking Dead might end, while a new Season 5 deleted scene should get fans a-buzzing for Rick and Michonne in Season 6.

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Returns Lily Rabe for Killer New Role

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 22, 2015 @ 3:03 PM
Even after Comic-Con 2015, American Horror Story isn’t finished booking old favorites for its fifth season Hotel. Franchise veteran Lily Rabe is the latest to check in for a fall stay, albeit with a bit more blood than we’re used to, joining the Horror serial in a killer role.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Keeps Zombies Pretty in First Official Walker Photos

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 21, 2015 @ 10:07 AM
Where The Walking Dead Season 6 has pulled the flesh back on its increasingly-decayed undead, companion spinoff Fear The Walking Dead has kept its zombies largely in the shadows for the beginning of the outbreak. Now, our first official look at the newer, fresher zombies of Fear The Walking Dead have arrived, and might explain how quickly the outbreak spread.

Does the ‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Finale Tease ‘Lambs’ in Our Future?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 19, 2015 @ 10:47 PM
The sun seems to have set on NBC’s Hannibal beyond a third season, with Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy released from their contracts, and creator Bryan Fuller suggesting a feature followup may prove more likely. Still, with talk of Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs canon off-limits, could Fuller’s fourth season plans point toward Clarice Starling after all? The Season 3 finale title might …

‘Hannibal’ Offers the Sickest, Most Romantic Love Story of All With ‘Digestivo’

by Britt Hayes July 18, 2015 @ 11:53 PM
In some ways, Hannibal almost reads like a fan fiction version of the Hannibal and Will Graham story — without forcing its two leads into a sexual relationship, that is. The love between Hannibal and Will is so twisted, so deep, and so accurately explores relationship dynamics that it’s almost more chilling than watching an eel slide down Mason Verger’s throat, or the awful realization that there’s a human baby inside of that pig.

‘Crimson Peak’ Takes You Inside the Gothic Mansion in New Featurette

by Britt Hayes July 18, 2015 @ 12:01 PM
As Tom Hiddleston explains in this new Crimson Peak featurette, Guillermo del Toro is the “primary interpreter of gothic romance in contemporary cinema.” That’s a rather elegant and succinct way of putting it — there’s no one more suited for telling this particular ghost story than del Toro, particularly given his eye for elaborate and eerie set design.

Neill Blomkamp Reveals Some New ‘Alien’ Concept Art

by Britt Hayes July 16, 2015 @ 5:36 PM
20th Century Fox
It was only a couple of months ago that we were posting updates on Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie just about every other day, as the director was hit with a barrage of questions about the upcoming project during the press tour for Chappie (oh hey, remember Chappie?). It’s been a while since we got an update on Blomkamp’s Alien project, but the director has revealed a new piece of concept art featuring a couple of familiar faces.

Stephen King’s ‘It’ Replaces Cary Fukunaga With ‘Mama’ Director Andres Muschietti

by Britt Hayes July 16, 2015 @ 5:20 PM
Warner Bros. Television
This is either good or sort of disappointing news, depending on how much you like the 2013 horror film Mama. Director Andres Muschietti has come aboard New Line Cinema’s adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror tome It, replacing previous director Cary Fukunaga and likely replacing much of his script, as well.