‘Avengers 2’ Trailer GIFs: The Best Moments of ‘Age of Ultron’ Assembled!

by ScreenCrush Staff an hour ago
There’s only 58 days until the premiere of Avengers 2, the long-awaited sequel to 2012’s beloved superhero epic. But that means there’s still 58 days until the premiere of Avengers 2. Two freaking months! When you’re as excited for a movie as we are for this one, that’s a long time to wait. To pass the time, we made a whole mess of GIFs of all the best moments in the new (and supposedly final) trailer for Age of Ultron.

‘Avengers 2’ Trailer: It’s Time to Stand and Fight!

by Mike Sampson 3 hours ago
The new Avengers 2 trailer has arrived online early after Marvel tweeted out a call to their fans to tweet using the #AvengersAssemble hashtag. Officially premiering on Thursday with the series premiere of American Crime on ABC and in theaters with Cinderella, you don't have to wait any longer to see the biggest and best Avengers 2 trailer yet.

Joss Whedon Says Making ‘Avengers 2’ Was a ‘Nightmare’

by Jacob Hall 4 hours ago
Making any movie is difficult, but making the sequel to one of the most popular movies of all time? That’s downright Herculean and Joss Whedon refuses to play the modesty game with it comes to Avengers 2. Describing the film as a “nightmare” and the “hardest juggling act he has ever, ever tried to pull off,” the beloved writer/director pulled no punches in talking about the difficult creative decisions that went into making the movie.

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Teases New Mystery Villain ‘Damian’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 5 hours ago
The CW
Arrow Season 3 has taken some unexpected swerves with its introduction of Batman baddie Ra’s al Ghul as a major villain, but could Season 4 be headed for an even bigger Bat-connection? A new report claims a mysterious “Damian” will tangle with Oliver Queen in Season 4, one who might just prove familiar to DC Comics fans…

Dylan O’Brien Says He’s Not the Next Spider-Man

by Matt Singer 6 hours ago
Aaron Davidson, Getty Images
According to some reports (but not others), Sony has found the filmmaker to restart the Spider-Man franchise one more time, with The Sinister Six writer/director Drew Goddard swinging off of that project and onto a new Spider-Man franchise. But that still leaves the issue of who will play the new Peter Parker. Latino Review’s report on the Goddard rumor claimed they wanted a “new actor, probably an unknown” who’d start off in high school and grow with the part “a la Harry Potter.”

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Review: ‘Aftershocks’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 17 hours ago
Marvel / ABC
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. assembles its eleventh Season 2 installment with 2015 premiere “Aftershocks,” as Coulson and the works to draw out Hydra leadership, while Skye struggles to understand her new Inhuman abilities, and Bobbi conceals a secret from the team.

‘Captain America’ Directors Sign With Sony Following Spider-Man Deal

by Britt Hayes 21 hours ago
Captain America: The Winter Soldier directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo have established themselves quite nicely over at Marvel Studios—not only are they directing Captain America: Civil War, but it’s been all-but-confirmed that the pair will helm both parts of Avengers: Infinity War. In a curious bit of news regarding the Russos today, the brothers have just signed a deal with Sony following an agreement between the studio and Marvel over the rights to Spider-Man. Curious indeed.

This ‘Avengers 2’ Hulkbuster Toy Is a Must-Have For Superhero Fans

by Jacob Hall a day ago
Hot Toys
There is surely going to be a lot of wild stuff in Avengers 2, but nothing in any of the trailers has gotten the internet’s attention quite like Tony Stark’s “Hulkbuster” armor. As the name implies, this suit is Iron Man’s contingency plan for a rogue Bruce Banner and it looks like it will get put to good use in the actual film. Naturally, where there is a cool superhero there is also a toy and Hot Toys has revealed a first look at their crazily detailed Hulkbuster figure.

‘Avengers 2’ Unveils a New Captain America Character Poster

by Mike Sampson a day ago
As we get closer and closer to the new Avengers 2 trailer (which debuts on ABC this Friday), we've got yet another character poster from the film, this time focusing on de facto leader, Captain America. But, is this our last poster, or are some of the new members of the Avengers going to join the fun?

The Complete History of Comic-Book Movies, Chapter 6: ‘The Vigilante’

by Matt Singer a day ago
ScreenCrush editor, comic-book lover, and undiagnosed masochist Matt Singer is systematically watching every single (American) comic-book movie ever made in the order in which they were released. This week in The Complete History of Comic-Book Movies: A “Prairie Troubador” gets into trouble in Hollywood.