Letterman's top 10 lists are always the highlight of the show. He brings on a celebrity guest to read them, and depending on how great of an actor this person may be, their reactions are what usually sell it. That was certainly the case when Cee Lo Green came to town.

Last night on 'The Late Show With David Letterman', Cee Lo, who's currently serving as a voice coach on NBC's 'The Voice' and is known for the song hits "F**k You" and "Crazy", came on the show to present another brilliant Top 10 called "Signs You're a Terrible Singer". It's hard to imagine, as a singer and voice coach, keeping a straight face while reading these hilarious insults, but CeeLo nailed the deadpan reaction.

"Signs You're a Terrible Singer" includes highlights like #9's "You sing like the Mets play baseball," and #5's "A church choir tries to trade you to another church choir." Which is your favorite?

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