At this point we've read countless amounts of reviews for Marvel's 'The Avengers,' so now it's time to inject a little bit of fun article goodness into the mix. The article in particular does an interesting form of dream casting, but with a particular selection of people who normally wouldn't come to mind right away.

Over at Ultimate Classic Rock, several of the writers put their heads together and figured out who they believe would be the perfect people to cast as 'The Avengers' from the classic rock world. Their top choices include Ted Nugent as Hawkeye, Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) is Nick Fury, Tony Iommi as Iron Man, Meat Loaf as the Hulk, Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne guitarist) as Thor, Bruce Springsteen as Captain America and Ann Wilson of Heart as Black Widow. Interesting list, no?

Don't think that their word is final. You all can have a say in this classic rock formation of 'The Avengers' as well if you toddle on over to their website. They currently have several polls going on in which you can choose your own incarnation of the Classic Rock Avengers. Click here to cast your vote.

'The Avengers' will be out in theaters nationwide tomorrow, make sure you go and see it!