Comic-Con 2012: The 25 Best Exclusives You Need to Have


We want you to be as prepared as you can be for Comic-Con 2012 and with all those exclusive releases, how can you possibly keep up? You worry about saving the money you'll need to buy those exclusives, we'll handle the rest. Here's a list of the 25 best exclusive items Comic-Con 2012 has to offer.

  • 25

    'Star Wars' Light Saber Poster Tube from Acme Archives

    Acme Archives

    This light saber poster tube from Acme Archives will allow you to carry your exclusive Comic-Con posters and prints around in style. And then you can use it as a weapon to deflect mobs of sweaty attendees out of your way. We're not liable if that whole "poster tube as weapon" thing gets you into trouble.

  • 24

    'Prometheus' Print from Acme Archives

    Acme Archives

    This beautiful 'Prometheus' print will make you forget you had any problems with the logic part of the movie with its reminder that the film was freakin' gorgeous, at the very least.

  • 23

    Black Widow Statue Variant by Kotobukiya for AFX


    Kotobukiya's statues are always so lovely, and this concept of Black Widow is no exception. Marvel (pun intended) at the beauty of the lady Avenger. Sure, this statue doesn't make her look very intimidating -- in fact, we're sure she needs help getting over that wall -- but rest assured, she could snap your neck if she had to.

  • 22

    'Masters of the Universe' Letter Opener from AFX


    Be the master of your postal universe and smite those utility bills with this 'Masters of the Universe' letter opener from AFX. We can't guarantee you'll look very tough opening that birthday card from your grandma, but you might feel stronger.

  • 21

    'Adventure Time' Fionna and Finn

    Cartoon Network

    It's.... 'Adventure Time!' Have fun saying that everywhere you go when you pick up these exclusive Fionna and Finn figures, complete with their own tiny Comic-Con badges, so you know they're allowed to go everywhere with you. Sadly, no Jake or Cake, but a Fionna action figure is enough to keep us satisfied... for now.

  • 20

    Batman Be@rbrick by Kubrick

    Diamond Comics

    The Kubrick line of figures is always reliable for nerdy delight, and this Be@rbrick version of Batman is just plain cool. Perfect for the mini-fig collector who wants an exclusive, limited item that isn't too fussy.

  • 19

    'Doctor Who' Tin from Entertainment Earth

    Entertainment Earth

    This nifty metal lunchbox comes with a set of coasters and a mug, all designed to look like the Doctor's preferred mode of transportation -- the epic Tardis. Bonus: You can pretend you're transporting your lunch through time and space.

  • 18

    'Battlestar Galactica' Cylon Lunchbox from Entertainment Earth

    Entertainment Earth

    Another cool lunchtime exclusive from the folks at Entertainment Earth -- this 'Battlestar Galactica' set includes two Cylons (and guns!) in a sweet metal lunchbox to help you conquer the humans at your lunch table.

  • 17

    'Blade II' Box Set from Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant

    Arguably the best film in the 'Blade' trilogy is getting an exclusive Comic-Con release with this box set that includes the Blu-ray and a mini-bust of your favorite evolved vampire monster, so you always have someone to watch the movie with.

  • 16

    Pan Statue from Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant

    Bring home the creepy magic of 'Pan's Labyrinth' with this stunning Pan statue, in honor of Guillermo del Toro's darkly whimsical Spanish fairy tale. He has no eyes, so he won't be able to see what you do behind closed doors. Best friend ever?

  • 15

    Admiral Motti Mini-Bust from Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant

    Imagine, if you will: You are Darth Vader and you are using The Fore to choke the crap out of Admiral Motti, this fool that had the gall to step to you and question your authority. Stop imagining and make your dreams come true with this mini-bust from Gentle Giant!

  • 14

    Christmas Ornaments from Hallmark


    Shiny red balls and tinsel are so square. You like to decorate your tree with trinkets that represent your personality, and Hallmark feels you on that. They're selling these exclusive ornaments inspired by Batman, 'Battlestar Galactica,' and 'Star Wars.' It's like having presents on your tree!

  • 13

    Hollywood Jem from Hasbro


    Jem is back and more outrageous than ever! Hasbro has created this limited edition "Hollywood Jem" doll with signature pink hair and microphone. You may ask, "Where are The Holograms?" Who cares? It's Jem! We all know she was the real star anyway.

  • 12

    'Star Wars' Hexagon Figure Set from Hasbro


    You may think you have enough 'Star Wars' figures, but believe us, you're missing something. Does this six figure set include Jar Jar Binks? Yes, but hear us out -- he's frozen in carbonite, the way the good Sith lord intended! Finally, a toy company that knows what you want.

  • 11

    'The Walking Dead' Hardcover Compendium vol. 1 by Image


    Image comics is releasing a limited run of this 'Walking Dead' hardcover compendium, which collects the first 48 issues of the long-running zombie survival series in one glorious book. If you've been putting off giving it a read, this compendium is a good place to start. And it's fancy!

  • 10

    Wonder Woman and Batman Pullip Dolls from Jun Planning

    Jun Planning

    Pullip has the market cornered on adorable, big-eyed dolls -- in fact, we're fairly certain the factory that created these dolls is also responsible for Zooey Deschanel's existence. The company is releasing these adorable Wonder Woman and Batman dolls at Comic-Con, so snag one while you can because Pullip dolls are super coveted items.

  • 9

    'Futurama' Hypnotoad Figure from KidRobot


    KidRobot is one of the best toy merchants out there, with their awesome lines of artist-created and inspired collectibles. In recent years they've been putting out toys from 'Futurama,' 'The Simpsons,' and 'Family Guy,' thanks to an awesome deal with Fox. This Hypnotoad figure is highly anticipated, so if you can get your hands on one, do it fast.

  • 8

    Marvel Universe S.H.I.E.L.D. Super Helicarrier

    Marvel Universe

    Remember that bad-ass helicarrier and base of operations from 'The Avengers'? Now you can bring that thing home and put all your toys on it! We suggest creating your own property crossovers -- why not bring in Batman or Spider-Man? The possibilities are endless!

  • 7

    Dana as Zuul from Mattel


    There is no Dana, only Zuul, so you might want to consider calling the Ghostbusters when you pick up this limited piece from Mattel, featuring Dana (Sigourney Weaver) in her memorable off-shoulder metallic dress, all possessed and ready to wreak havoc on your shelf... or in your fridge.

  • 6

    Death from 'Sandman' from Mattel


    Please your inner goth with this statuette from Mattel, featuring Death from Neil Gaiman's classic 'Sandman' comic. Presented in glorious black and white, this statuette would pair real nicely with your "Best of Morrissey" CD and lots of black eyeliner and brooding.

  • 5

    Bane USB Drive from Mimoco


    We're not sure if we trust putting a bad guy in your computer's USB port, but if you need to transport files in style, we recommend Mimoco's Bane jump drive, inspired by Tom Hardy's character in the upcoming 'Dark Knight Rises.'

  • 4

    'Frankenweenie' Bronze Statue from Monogram International

    Monogram International

    This statue really captures the essence of Tim Burton with its simple, deliberate style and quirky nature. From the upcoming film 'Frankenweenie,' this statue from Monogram International features lead character Victor and his beloved pet Sparky.

  • 3

    "Derpy Hooves" from My Little Pony

    My Little Pony

    What began as a fan nickname for this wall-eyed gray pony who shows up in episodes of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' but never speaks, has been adopted by the crew and Hasbro as the semi-official name for the adorable little scamp. And this toy is just about the cutest thing you'll see at Comic-Con this year. We approve.

  • 2

    'Seconds' Print from Bryan Lee O'Malley and Oni Press

    Oni Press

    'Scott Pilgrim' creator Bryan Lee O'Malley is currently working on a new story called 'Seconds,' and he'll be at Comic-Con to distribute a limited edition of 100 prints from his new book. We're thrilled to see his signature style back in action.

  • 1

    'Batman: Arkham Asylum' Kai Figures from Square Enix

    Square Enix

    Best known for their work on the 'Final Fantasy' series of video games, Square Enix also has a knack for some pretty amazing figures. This year they're bringing a black and white Joker and Batman, inspired by the hit game 'Batman: Arkham Asylum,' and we gotta say -- we're pretty impressed by the moody detail in these figures.

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