With Dan Harmon shown the door out of 'Community' and with many of the writers and producers either having left or been let go, you might wonder if the cast was also up for a shake-up. It turns out that all the main players will be returning for the fourth season.

From what Deadline Hollywood is reporting, NBC has picked up their options, which sounds like it was up to the network's discretion if everyone was returning. And faced with the negative buzz surrounding Harmon's exodus, any more change would reflect poorly on the show, so they probably felt continuity (as much as possible) was best.

This also means that Chevy Chase will be returning. The 'Fletch' star grumbled in some interviews that he wouldn't be around much longer, but whether he was reflecting on his own mortality or on his future with the series is uncertain. The man partied hard when he was an A-lister, so that comment could go either way.

Many of the cast will be at Comic-con this year, where questions about their future will likely be addressed and given the most polite non-answers possible. We were told by one of the cast that shooting starts up for the fourth season in August.