Released in 1997, 'Con Air' starred Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe, a war veteran sent to prison for using excessive force on a drunk man who tried to assault his wife. Granted parole and placed on a prison transport plane, Cameron finds getting home isn't that easy when the fellow inmates stage a coup and take over the plane. 'Con Air' was a massive box office success and became an instant action -- and Nicolas Cage -- classic. Seventeen years later we revisit the cast of the film and see what they're up to now.

Nicolas Cage, Cameron Poe

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Then: Nicolas Cage played Cameron Poe, a war veteran who uses excessive force on a drunk man who attacks his pregnant wife and is sent to prison for it. Now, granted parole, Cameron is heading home on a prison transport plane when the inmates stage a coup and jeopardize his chances of seeing his wife and daughter.

Now: Cage is one of our most interesting and eccentric working actors, and always keeps us guessing. He starred in action flicks like 'Face/Off,' 'Gone in Sixty Seconds,' 'Kick-Ass' and 'Drive Angry.' Then he does legit drama like 'Adaptation,' 'Matchstick Men' and 'The Weather Man.' And then he goes totally out there with 'The Wicker Man,' 'The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans' and 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' -- aka what we call "Going Full-Cage." He recently lent his voice to the animated film 'The Croods' (and is expected to return for 'The Croods 2'), and he can be seen next going back to his dramatic side in David Gordon Green's indie 'Joe.' He's also starring in the new film adaptation of the best-selling Christian book 'Left Behind,' so make of that what you will.

John Cusack, US Marshal Vince Larkin

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Then: John Cusack played Vince Larkin, a US Marshal overseeing the prison transfer who is also trying to make sure Cameron gets home safely. Cusack was best known for roles in classic '80s films like 'Better Off Dead' and 'Say Anything.'

Now: He has since appeared in 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,' 'Pushing Tin' and 'High Fidelity,' and reunited with 'Con Air' co-star John Malkovich for 'Being John Malkovich,' directed by Spike Jonze, who also directed Nic Cage in 'Adaptation.' He's also known for roles in 'America's Sweethearts,' 'Identity,' '1408' and 'Hot Tub Time Machine,' among many others. More recently you may have seen him in the Lee Daniels films 'The Paperboy' and 'Lee Daniels' The Butler,' and he starred in the indies 'Grand Piano' and 'Adult World.' He can be seen next in 'Maps to the Stars' and 'Love and Mercy.'

John Malkovich, Cyrus Grissom

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Then: John Malkovich played Cyrus Grissom, aka Cyrus the Virus, a dangerous inmate and criminal mastermind who stages a coup to take over the prison transport plane. Malkovich previously appeared in 'Jennifer Eight' and 'Mary Reilly.

Now: Malkovich reunited with John Cusack for ‘Being John Malkovich,’ and is known for roles in films like ‘Shadow of the Vampire,’ ‘Art School Confidential,’ ‘Burn After Reading’ and ‘Red.’ He recently appeared in the films 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' and ‘Warm Bodies,' and he reprised the role of Marvin Boggs for ‘Red 2.’ He can be seen next in the upcoming films ‘Chavez’ and ‘Cut Bank.’

Steve Buscemi, Garland Greene

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Then: Steve Buscemi played Garland Greene, an infamous serial killer known as the "Marietta Mangler," who is also aboard the prison transport plane. Buscemi was known for roles in the Coen brothers' films 'Fargo' and 'The Big Lebowski,' and Quentin Tarantino's 'Reservoir Dogs.'

Now: Buscemi is also known for roles in 'Armageddon,' 'Ghost World,' 'Youth in Revolt,' and for being the voice of Randall "Randy" Boggs in Pixar's 'Monsters, Inc.' He also starred with Adam Sandler in several films, including 'The Wedding Singer,' 'Big Daddy,' 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry' and 'Grown Ups.' He recently starred in 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,' reprised the voice of Randy Boggs for 'Monsters University,' and appeared in 'Grown Ups 2.' Buscemi's biggest claim to fame right now is playing Nucky Thompson on HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire,' which is entering its fifth and final season. He will appear next with Adam Sandler (again) in 'The Cobbler.'

Ving Rhames, Nathan Jones

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Then: Ving Rhames played Nathan Jones, aka "Diamond Dog," Cyrus' right-hand man. Rhames was previously known for roles in 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Mission: Impossible.'

Now: Rhames has since reprised his role for two more 'Mission: Impossible' films and appeared in the remake of 'Dawn of the Dead,' as well as the unofficial sequel to the remake, titled 'Day of the Dead.' He reunited with Nicolas Cage in 1999 for 'Bringing Out the Dead,' and also starred in films like 'Surrogates,' 'Piranha 3D' and its sequel, and, more recently, 'Death Race 3: Inferno.'

Danny Trejo, Johnny Baca

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Then: Danny Trejo played Johnny Baca, aka "Johnny 23," so named for the number of women he assaulted. Trejo was previously known for appearing in the Robert Rodriguez films 'Desperado' and 'From Dusk Till Dawn,' and is Rodriguez's second cousin.

Now: Trejo appeared in many of Rodriguez's films, including the 'Spy Kids' films and 'Grindhouse,' in which he was given a fake trailer for a character named Machete, which Rodriguez and Trejo eventually turned into a movie, 'Machete,' and a recent sequel, 'Machete Kills.' Over the years, he also appeared in films like 'Bubble Boy,' 'The Devil's Rejects' and the 'Halloween' remake. He guest starred on shows like 'LOST,' 'Breaking Bad,' 'Sons of Anarchy,' and 'Modern Family.' He can be seen next in 'Muppets Most Wanted' and 'Bad Asses.'

Monica Potter, Tricia Poe

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Then: Monica Potter played Tricia Poe, Cameron's wife who was pregnant when he was sent to prison. Now, several years later, she awaits his return with their daughter. Potter was an up-and-coming star whose only previous film credit was a minor role in 'Bulletproof.'

Now: Potter went on to appear in the films 'Patch Adams,' 'Head Over Heels,' 'Along Came a Spider' and 'Saw.' From 2004 to 2005, she was a series regular on 'Boston Legal,' and she starred on the short-lived series 'Trust Me' in 2009. She also appeared in the remake of 'The Last House on the Left' in the same, her last film appearance. Since 2010, she has been keeping busy playing Kristina Braverman on the hit series 'Parenthood.'

Landry Allbright, Casey Poe

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Then: Eight-year-old Landry starred in 'Con Air' as Nic Cage's young daughter. It was her first-ever movie role and she'd go on to play Martha May Whovier in 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' and a supporting role in 'Malcolm in the Middle.'

Now: After the roles as a cute, little kid dried up, Allbright took a break from Hollywood in 2005. Just recently she started acting again in some low-budget thrillers like 'Last Hours in Suburbia'.