Cosplay of the Day: Indiana Jones, Eat Your Heart Out

Paramount/Abby Dark-Star

Today's cosplay flips the script on Indiana Jones and proves that you don't have to be a man to get into some serious adventures.

Abby Dark-Star is a cosplay enthusiast who's creations have proven a bit popular among fans. She's done Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Slave Leia -- you know, the usual suspects -- but we're more interested in her awesome Indiana Jones cosplay, which re-imagines the famed archaeologist, professor and hero as a woman.

It's a pretty simple costume idea that relies heavily on finding accurate clothing items, but Abby sells it hard with a book, a hat, a whip and some totally kick-ass boots. If we were going to dress up as the lady version of Indiana Jones, those boots would be the first item on the list.

Enlisting some help from a photographer friend, Abby took her photo shoot outdoors to some nearby rocks and a small waterfall, to give her photos a real adventurer's vibe.

Check out some pics of Abby Dark-Star as Indiana Jones -- err, Indy-Abby Jones -- below, or head over to her Facebook page for more pics and info.

Indiana Jones cosplay

Indiana Jones cosplay

Indiana Jones cosplay

Indiana Jones cosplay

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