There's no doubt that Jack Skellington from Henry Selick's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' is an immensely popular character. He's even made his way from the big screen to video games, having appeared in the Kingdom Heart series! But thanks to his skeletal character design, it might be a big challenge to those wanting to cosplay him. Well, we found someone who did a mighty fine job.

This is Maho Urei, a cosplayer from Japan. As you can see, she's managed to pull off her own version of the Pumpkin King with incredible results. She may not be as tall, lanky and skeletal as Jack, but her form, posture, makeup and overall appearance certainly bring the character to life. And those bony, spindly fingers are the icing on this cosplay cake!

You can see more of Maho Urei's work on her deviantART page. She's got even more cosplay from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and from anime series such as 'Detective Conan' and 'Inuyasha.' Let us know what you think of her work by leaving a comment down below!

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