Cosplay of the Day: 'Snow White''s Evil Queen Is Divine

Disney/Jose Manchado

Forget the Disney princesses -- let's talk about how amazing this (very, very evil) Disney queen is! This cosplayer makes being bad look really, really good as the evil queen from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.'

Cosplayer Naga Zmeyuka transforms into the evil queen from Disney's classic animated film, and it's absolutely stunning. Her delicate makeup captures the vivid animated quality of the film; she looks like Joan Crawford cosplaying as the evil queen, which wouldn't be much of a stretch, really.

There's little info about this cosplayer or how she put her costume together, which is unfortunate because we're just dying to know all about the hard work she obviously put into bringing this iconic character to life. It also looks like she shot in an actual castle -- or a really convincing set. Her profile at ACParadise says she's from St. Petersburg (Florida? Would that explain the castle pics?).

Naga Zmekuya has also done some great DC comics and Battle Royale cosplay, as well as some video game and anime stuff. Check out these beautiful pics of her as the evil queen below, or head over to her ACParadise page for more!

Jose Manchado
Jose Manchado
Jose Manchado
Jose Manchado
Jose Manchado

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