Dolph Lundgren is a fascinating entry on this list. European, enormous, martial arts trained and possessing a degree in Chemical Engineering. He is a renaissance man and although his movies tend to be DTV affairs these days, he seems to be having a blast and taking chances to step into directing shoes as well.

I’d be surprised if we ever see Dolph back on the big screen outside of his ‘Expendables’ role, but delighted. His early roles were iconic, with ‘Rocky IV,' ’He-Man,' ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Red Scorpion’ all under his belt within just a few years of being on screen. After ‘Universal Soldier’ and ‘Showdown in Little Tokyo,' however, the great drought of the 1990s action films took hold. Dolph’s early work, and his resilience in cranking out serious action films to this day earn him a spot amongst the biggest and best.

“I must break you” –- Ivan Drago, ‘Rocky IV’