Donnie Yen has worked long and hard, and has become possibly the top Hong Kong movie star working today. His earlier films never quite sold me on his action star prowess for some reason, notwithstanding ‘Iron Monkey.' But right around the time that ‘Ip Man.' ‘Ip Man 2’ and ‘Legend of the Fist’ came out, I jumped with both feet onto the Donnie Yen train.

His recent ‘Dragon’ is also thrilling and unique. My sense is that Yen is probably the best kung fu actor working the international scene right now. And his long, hard work in dozens of early films only lends to his credibility today as a hard fought leading man.

Donnie hasn’t broken big yet in the US market, and although I’d love to see him do so, his starpower wouldn’t diminish in my mind if he stayed in Hong Kong and expanded his super stardom!

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