With the arrival of the first U.S. trailer, we can now add Eva to the list of movies following the recent A.I. trend. Originally released internationally back in 2011 (yeah, wow), Eva stars Daniel Brühl as a cybernetic engineer tasked with giving robots real emotions. Apparently he’s never seen A.I. or Her or I, Robot or…well, you get the point. Eva takes place in an alternate future where these movies don’t exist, so playing God with robot feelings seems like an okay idea until it’s not.

Brühl stars in the film as Alex, an engineer who returns home to work on a new project for the “Robot Faculty,” which is intent on figuring out how to give their realistic child A.I. some realistic human emotions. Alex reunites with his brother, who has apparently married Alex’s ex-girlfriend in his absence, and immediately finds himself intrigued by their daughter—which is definitely not weird at all.

The trailer for Eva blends together very familiar sci-fi concepts, but it appears to set itself apart with some lovely and interesting designs. And for a futuristic sci-fi thriller, Eva looks more subtle and muted, which isn’t a bad thing. The film was directed by Kike Maillo, and also stars Marta Etura, Alberto Ammann, Anne Canovas and Claudia Vega.

Eva will have a limited theatrical release on March 13.