One of the best films to come out of SXSW last year was ‘Faults,’ an unnerving, gloriously dark and wry thriller featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a cult member whose parents sanction an expert to kidnap and deprogram her. Of course, it doesn’t go that smoothly in the film, which was directed by Winstead’s husband, Riley Stearns. ‘Faults’ is finally hitting theaters, and the first appropriately twisted trailer has arrived.

In ‘Faults,’ fantastic character actor Leland Orser plays Ansel Roth, an expert on cults and mind control. The financially struggling Ansel spends his time promoting his books and going to sparsely attended speaking engagements at hotels, where he  sadly scams his meals. While at one such speaking engagement, Ansel is approached by a couple who plead for his help to “rescue” (or kidnap, same diff.) their daughter from a cult. He reluctantly agrees and the quartet shack up in a hotel, where things quickly begin to spiral into darkness.

As you can see in the above trailer, ‘Faults’ is quite a ride, and borrows some influence from the work of David Lynch. It’s clever, massively suspenseful, and exceedingly thrilling, featuring an exceptional performance from Winstead. Co-starring in the film are Beth Grant, AJ Bowen, and Lance Reddick (who also appeared alongside Orser in ‘The Guest’).

‘Faults’ will hit theaters and iTunes on March 6.